Sunday, 22 November 2015

Campaign to keep the Auctioneer open

Auctioneer staff, Haloween/Blackpool South Shore
Who or why would anyone want to buy the Auctioneer? The locals would, but do not have the fiscal power to purchase and replicate the tremendous value they get. For Management, I.E. Wetherspoons to say that there are other establishments in town ignores the local voice, a promise that Tim Martin said he would never do. The fact is that those "Spooners" on the promenade are seldom visited in the height of winter by locals, as is the truism that once a customer base is lost it is rarely rekindled.

To date there are at least 1200(twelve hundred) regulars who have signed the off-line petition, which is easily verified if the Gazette would send a live reporter to confirm as that number is growing.

Where are the local councillors with their interest in enterprise and local business? Preparing to welcome potential mass murderers into accommodation they wont reserve for injured/wounded veterans fallen on hard times?  Come on Council! Get your fingers out and start representing your constituents, ALL YOUR CONSTITUENTS and not just the few who keep you in unwarranted expenses. It has been noted that the Council represented the constituents when Wetherspoon's refurbished the Auctioneer and accepted free pints, but now it means earning your spurs you have all apparently got busy elsewhere.

So much for Nobles oblige. Blackpool depends on holiday makers. To keep them happy we need to keep those in the industry happy. You do not achieve that by taking from them one of the very few places to eat and relax in.