Monday, 16 November 2015

Let's cement the solidarity with Sgt Blackman after Bloody Friday

On the No5, just a few minutes ago, the Controller asked all Blackpool bus crews to observe One Minutes silence in Solidarity with our French neighbours.  I asked the lovely lady driver if she was going to inform the passengers and comply?  She replied with an incontrovertible "Yes".
Well done the Staff of Blackpool bus transport, the passengers and 'Viva La France'.  As you can tell I neither speak not read French, to my chagrin.  As I have close friends in Paris and know the lovely  people in a small cafe in the village of Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, I share a joined concern for my friends and their children.

You, we. are not safe, not because our soldiers can go to War, but because the mindless Liberal intelligentsia of Europe gave succour and refuge to the illiterate despots Mullahs and Imans that Arablands tried to evict.

I wonder, after his appalling gaffe, if Hamlets latest disastrous lead actor, will stand in solidarity with his two man audience as they sing out "La Marseillaise".  I just wonder if the murderers of the 132 people of Paris and the Grown Up World will thank this paragon of Virtues for his endorsement of Mass Immigration in light of the fact that at least one such victim is now known to be a mass murderer?

It is always amazing that those with no knowledge of the working of terrorism have the most to say AND do not listen to those who have kept them safe all these years.  If, as I anticipate, the apologists for insanity get their way, this fully expected onslaught will be wholly and irrefutably blamed on the citizens of Europe and America.  There are, or it could be argued but to be falsely made that Blair and Bush laid the foundations for this latest rift. Our civilisation and the increasingly retarded Islamist diaspora with all its vile predictablility for Humanity have been on a collision course ever since Oil became the Weapon of Wealth.  When the apologists get wise and look at what the future holds, the blood drenched knives of the Islamist executioners will definitely have theirs, yours and my name clearly engraved along the blades.