Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Johnny Walkers newsletter

I counted 22 cooking programmes on TV in one week. We are the biggest obese nation in Europe costing the NHS 30 billion pounds a year, plus they are on the brink of collapse. So why do they put these ridiculous programmes on?? How pathetic watching people make cakes, fresh cream, chocolate toppings, toffee puddings, etc.. And how do the Hairy Bikers get away with dirty clothes, long grey hair, unhealthy beards, dirty fingers nails, plus being overweight, dribbling over some lastest fudge cake or whatever, then telling the viewers how wonderful it is?? Let's face it - you wouldn't go into a restaurant, cafe,or pub and watch people eat!! Would you?? Oh well, maybe it's me again, getting it all wrong!

Hey - here's one for you - you are not allowed to smoke in your car with the kids in it, but it's OK if you're pregnant! Work that one out.

A happier note now - Thank God for T.F.I Friday - what a tonic and brilliant show, Chris Evans is better than any doctor's prescription. A genius in my book - 8pm Fridays - don't miss.

My apologies for not appearing on charity night at Westminster Road Conservative Club for Donna's Dream House - but I had a health problem - upstairs I think! Roy Roland show made £733. Well done to all.

Now - quiz answer time for a J.W £50 note. Where was the first gig The Rolling Stones played? - Answer: The Marquis Club, Soho, London. One winner, Ian, Bar Steward at Hampton Road.

I've done some hard gigs in my time, but St. Helens last week - never again - I'd have got more response if I'd met up with Jihadi John saying I'm a Christian infidel and I've got an itch on the back of my neck - have you any ideas?

Finally, can I thank my two readers (you know who you are) and also Alan Pilborough my editor, and wish you all a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year - it's been over 2 years now blogging for the Seasiderand it's been great fun. Let's hope I can carry on another 2 years. I think I'll drop the idea of meeting up with Jihadi John though!! We're all here for a good time, not a long time.

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