Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Aussie voice against terrorism

The Aussies are descended from Britons who defied the Gobshite Ruling Elite, albeit over two centuries ago.  Today they retain their wonderfully resilient and defiant attitudes whilst defended THEIR inheritance.

One day the 56 indigenous million Brits may recall all the abuse history heaped upon us.  Do we need our pockets picked and our benefits; which my parents nor myself in my youth did not have an entitlement to: stand by as cowardly politicians give them over to every potential terrorist who sneaks into the country?  

The bias taught in the classrooms by the Socialist Indoctrinators defiling OUR history will eventually lead to more atrocities.  All the time, semi-literate Mullahs reinforce a brand of hatred that Westerners should not be subjected to, from Religious bastions where English is not the primary language. They sit in the heart of British cities, towns and Shires, immune from prosecution and defended by the Race Relations Industry. Compare that to any Briton who dares raise an eyebrow or a murmur of angst as the country overflows with immigrants for whom we have to provide with FREE housing, FREE education, FREE medical needs over and above those who have always subscribed into the system!

Let's get real and have the courage to look up at the reality of the devastation promised by the grotesque Ayatollahs!