Thursday, 17 December 2015

The price of bad Governance

No newspaper reports can tell the whole horrors of war.  Whilst I sometimes sympathise with those Anti-War professionals, I do so only that I am against War but not anti-military. I wrote to every MP, thanks to email, with my concerns that the Gulf War was illegal. To which I received not a single reply.

I have read that over 500 known Syrian excursionist have returned to the safe haven of the UnUnited Kingdom and there is absolutely nothing the Government is doing about it. Second generation immigrants are out purchasing the tools with which to assassinate British subjects, and we are ordered not to raise our angst's in case we transgress the ill conceived Race Laws or worse Hate Laws.

If we have learned anything from the trials of Ulster it is that unless we defeat terrorism militarily, they will eventually rule in the Parliament that appeased their murderous intent.

Whomever opened the doors to mass immigration in this tiny set of island MUST be brought to task and exposed as the architects of the most vile capitulation of Culture and Ethnicity to a pseudo religion that wants to destroy our every existence.