Saturday, 27 February 2016

Rumours abound on the resignation of Blackpool Councillor Jones

Council School's leader resigns?

The rumours in his ward abound! 

They contrast greatly with the facts as laid out by Labour Leader and a stranger to Sandgrown'uns, Councillor Simon Blackburn.  Everyone has a different slant on why this odious little sartorial mannequin has become a pariah amongst Socialist Circles? 

What pervades the atmosphere is the political side of Council officialdom reacting exactly as they did in past administrations when it was discovered probable Malfeasance in THEIR midst, primarily through Julian Manure and Ian Fowler.

Not that I am accusing the awful Cllr Jones of anything greater than hypocrisy, at this moment. If he is guilty of Malfeasance, surely he could regain some credit by admitting to the people what he had done?

Now that is said, I ask this of local politicians.  Who is it in the Council who has been discovered claiming Benefits whilst not declaring them in his/her accounts?