Sunday, 28 February 2016

Shop forced to move by Vandalism and theft

South Shore has hit the bottom rung, and the Authorities claim expenses for looking on.

Every day a new nail is hammered into the social structure of South Shore and nobody appears to care.  What was once a vibrant shopping area in South Shore, Waterloo Road, Lytham Road and St Annes Road are so filled with vandalised shops, wrecked bus shelters and Labour Loving drug ravaged benefitas which has resulted/caused decent folk to give the area an enormous sidestep.

In a short walk, a matter of a few yards except for the disabled, two recently provided new bus shelters have had their screens smashed to smithereens.  A third, round the corner on Highfield Road, has it it toughened perspex hammered into a splintered mess by mindless vandals.

What has happened to the British character, where we could chastise hoodlums for creating  slums in decent areas?  We are being brought down to the vandals moronic levels, where young Pit Bull owners can let their dogs deficate on the pavements for the rest, us, to remove and we say not a word in protest!

How can thieves mount a public building and strip it of its precious metal and not a person see it happen?  Does the law not demand that we practise our Cross-bows so that we are ready to defend the Nation?   Political Correctness has gone mad.  What's wrong with demanding that all these Miscreants; from filthy Sa Vile apologists to Councillors on the take: join their more open comrades at Her Majesty's Pleasure?

What gives the scum the right to destroy hard work and enterprise?  BENEFIT CULTURE third and fourth generation deadbeats? This is what Labour spends honest workers tax monies on...