Friday, 25 September 2015

Trojan Horse ridden into Blackpool education

The Trojan Horse in education turns into the Charge of the Daft Brigade by the Blackpool Council light....  What makes them think a Muslim Group can in any way turn about a failing school?  Sound education and decent teachers would do that!  Or perhaps a lecture from British people educated in Rhodesia or the other Commonwealth Nations of Australia and New Zealand would enlighten the dogmatic?

Now they ban Notareargunner from viewing their public Twitter account.  This is the same council that did nothing when a paedophile councillor was scaling the heights of local politics. Not only did the majority of councillors know of the nefarious activities of the Councillor for Greenlands, they happily rubbed shoulders as he ran, under the auspice of being a Forces Charity, a cabal that scammed the public and local businesses.

Only the late Arthur Roe had the courage to expose the infamy this small group practised.  It was partially through him that the depth of depravity of the errant councillor was made public.  Although many councillors were "in the know", their assistance to Mr Roe was less than negligible.  That attitude is getting more entrenched.