Sunday, 6 September 2015

Humza Yousaf MSP from his Channel 4 News broadcast

Humza Yousaf has been active in the SNP and Glasgow politics since his teens. Graduating in 2007 from Glasgow University with honours in Politics. So a man with no experience of life is catapulted as spokesperson for the Muslim World in Scotland. I have news for you. I listened, conjugated and ruminated on what you said on tonight's Channel 4 News. Like all Left Wing politicians you talked out of that orifice you should be sat on.

We, in the United Kingdom, have no moral responsibility to the millions of Muslims in other parts of the World. If we are to offer succour to other human beings, then we hold that right to first offer shelter to the Arab Christians that your kith have been violating.

I wrote often and vehemently against Blair's interventions into the Middle East. If you have a gripe, pick you argument with the architects of today's disaster.

1 Tony Bliar and the Labour Government for blind siding Parliament with Dossiers of Impeachable Context.

2 The Despot Leaders of the Middle East who retracted back to 4th Century Moral Values to subjugate their peoples whilst enriching themselves.

3 The People themselves, for not doing what Europe did in the past 2 centuries and rid ourselves of these oligarchies, cabals and Mafioso type regimes – not to be confused with the draconian political hierarchies of the Democratic Shy New Europe.

4 It is with angst that everyone with an iota of intelligence has recognised your appalling attacks on us, the British People, but not a word of rebuke to the Nations that surround the War Zones and at whose leadership has done absolutely nothing to relieve YOUR PEOPLES suffering.

You want us to abandon the Rule of Law. You want us to reward all the illegal acts that the marauding hordes are exercising on their migration West! You want us to accept at face value everyone in these trains to be from Syria/Iraq, to be anti Daesh and pro West. Well, Mr SMP Minister for Ridiculous Affairs, it just doesn't wash! Why? Seven/Seven, the 3,600 known jihadi sympathisers within the UK, the procession of Muslim women slipping into Isis from beleaguered War Weary Britain trailing their children in their wake, the heinous murder of Fusilier drummer Lee Rigby a few yards from his barrack gates. Need I go on, Mr Yousuf?