Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Blackpool Council scraping the bottom, children again made to suffer.

The legacy of ineptitude in Blackpool from a succession of Councils under Red and Blue banners is a disgrace!

All of Blackpool’s secondary schools have now become, or will soon be, academies and are now outside the control of the local authority. Hooraahhh!!!  Just like their failings in Child Welfare, this latest debacle has nothing to do with the Councillors or their overpriced executives?  WTF.  Eventually even suiciders realise that the ultimate responsibility is their own.  Which means, in simple words, THE COUNCIL led by Donkey Whipper from Blackburn's Socialist Empire, Simon Blackburn (there's a pun in there somewhere but it is wasted on the moribund Red Stinkers), has no-one else to blame but themselves.

The Council estate at Molyneux Drive has become a place of diminishing respectability.  There is one octogenarian who, because of nothing more than his alleged eccentricity, is continually harassed by mean and simpleton officials and other residents.  What is most disconcerting is that council officials sent to investigate proved more than inept and put most reliance on innuendo and bias.  Had they used the same parameters on an illegal immigrant who hid inside an illegal mosque, they would have been hounded out of their jobs by the massive response to incorrect administration(sic).  Put more simply, it is easier for Councils to LOOK as though they are doing their duty, than it is for them to do so.  The authority of Law and the threats of non-compliance mean nothing as long as Malfeasance in Public Office laws are not enforced.

There is another resident who, tired of the dross being imported into the small estate, just pulled up stakes and left.  Not only that, after fulfilling his legal obligation and doing everything in accordance to the Rules, has been sent bills for future occupancy of a place he has already vacated!  Well done, Council.