Thursday, 3 September 2015

Rule of Law destroyed by Mass migration

The Rule of Law has been abandoned in Eastern Europe. Instead of the United Nations getting together and offering help and solutions, they sit back and castigate the innocent and those who are rapidly becoming victims to the Power of the Masses.

Had that Power a basis in honesty, those Masses would be subjugating the murderous tribe of Daesh into submission therefore making them abandon their heinous attacks on Humanity. Instead, they are acting as a tentacle of Evil, a surrogate - albeit inadvertently – by inflicting on the Peaceful West all the burdens and future problems of a combination of Peoples who cannot solve their own Problems.

In the UK there are too many factions to be coherent. The most dangerous are the calls from immigrants to abandon our history and culture and to accept, without reservation, what will be countless millions with little comprehension of Britain's history or traditions.

If we need an example of ignorance over fact, let us look at out relationship with those from the South of Ireland and the collective catcalling for The Owd Enemy to become more Saintly than Patrick in everything it does. Here we immediately hit the wall of fact or fiction. When Eire became fully independent, Britain extended to the People of The Republic of Ireland freedoms and right never reciprocated to the British, and more insidiously, to any Protestant or anyone of that religious persuasion residing in the North.

From the British Parliament, in that time, to those holding Republic of Ireland passports, full Rights were extended even though the two parts of that island had been partitioned because of a violent and vociferous minority. Whatever was in the minds of British politician, their reluctance to accept reality ultimately led to 45 year of attritional and murderous insurrection by a minuscule section of the Irish community. What adds shame to this fiction was, much later in history when the World seemed to be going through a period of peace, there were those in the United States of America who swallowed the hyperbole of fable and jargon, conspired with those of a Terrorist Movement to fund and arm terrorists against their only true and historic ally, Great Britain.

In the intervening years, the Republic of Ireland had shown their true colours by denying to their own citizens, to those who had Taken the Kings shilling, any Rights whatsoever from the Republic of Ireland. What the ignorant masses never comprehend is that all those who fought on the side of GB and her allies did so as part of a combined group of Nations of England, Scotland, Wales and the whole of Ireland. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland did not come into existence until after 1926. Where has been the condemnation and shaming of the Republic Governments as they systematically erased from history the contribution of a large proportion of their own people? Like the Muslim murderers in Syria, Iraq and UK today, others who did not accept their interpretation of religion and politics are non beings and the summary executions are a right of the victors . If the World wants to look for the inspiration for this Muslim Daesh (Isis to those who want to give these terrorist credibility), they need look no further than the Republic of Ireland and Sinn Féin in the North.

Just like the insidious IRA, the leaders of Daesh have ensnared some by the flexible manipulation of the newer form of mass communication, the Internet. In the late 60's and since, the IRA could count on a small number of supporters who ran pubs and other such meeting places across the mainland of GB. Had the authorities taken a grip and, even though the IRA was proscribed, acted, much of the destruction that followed could have been prevented. Just about nothing was done to curb the propagandist and disciples of the murderous group. Instead of nipping the IRA in the bud, successive British Governments gave way to their more powerful ally in the USA and went for dialogue. That means that today the North is precariously close to being forced into a marriage with their mortal enemies in the South and the ramifications will reverberate yet again onto mainland Britain.

Again, with the emergence of a threat from a religious group, we are told that the solution is education. This shows the porosity and lack of understanding of facts. Does anyone think that Sinn Féin leaders in Stormont have become LEGITIMATE politicians and given up the gun? No. Nor will the dross that preach hate from the minarets and streets of Britain in the name of Allah. When Labour opened the doors to this alien culture it is too easy to say they were naïve. It is not beyond reason to come to the conclusion that it was a deliberate political act to destroy the equilibrium of British Nationality and thereby destroy the strength of the Greatest People on Earth, by destroying our history, our institutions and our collective decency.

That is why we should not give in to the emotional blackmail of yesterdays tragic death of those young children off the Turkish Coast. Had they succeeded and arrived at a point of their choosing, was I be in a position of influence, I would prosecute the parents for child neglect, child endangerment and a whole host of other charges which include not understanding or adhering to Laws that bind reasonable cultures together. While the baying masses applaud those “escaping” Turkey for a more benevolent Europe, not a single murmur about the lack of principle, the compliance of lawful practices and a moral obligation to do no harm. These are the responsibilities primarily of parents and then the States.

That reminds me of the mother of one IRA gunman, who was killed by HM Forces, when, fully armed and tasked with murdering NI officers,  She lambasted the troops for not taking her wonderful child alive. We hear the same detritus from Muslim leaders and others when the likes of Osama bin Laden gets killed by those he plotted to kill, or by those of a similar persuasion when a Muslim mother disappears with her children to join her kith and kin in what others call Isis.

Multiculturalism is a myth. It is a tremendous lie which will lead to something we have not seen in these islands since Oliver Cromwell formed the Modern Army. As I look at the faces of all those young men clamouring aboard the trains in Budapest, I have to wonder if all us former soldiers were right to fight for our country. No! That's purely rhetorical. 

Right or wrong this country is worth my sacrifice. It is not worth the lies and detractions from Labour, SNP and all other Political Parties who have forgotten the sacrifices of British youth under the Standards of HM armed Forces.