Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Another scam email

 Below is an Email I receive today.  At first, second and even third glances it is a scam.  What is amasing is that many that I know, though they will not tell me so, get sucked into the hype and go along with this so blatant fraud.

Whether it is the simple £2.00 pm telephone scams or the more obvious scams, neither the email companies nor Governments do a thing to erase this blight.  I propose David Cameron should direct one of his drones to Nigeria to do the world a favour and get rid of these pests, once and for all.

Office Address:33 Liberty Street, New
York, NY 10045, United States
Tel: +15133995591
Contact Name: Mr. CRAIG ASBERRY

Dear Valued Customer,


This is to inform you about the latest RESOLVED by the Board of Directors in respect to your (UNCLAIMED) overdue Inheritance fund, Which was forwarded to Us from CENTRAL BANK NIGERIA to credit your account.
which have been in their custody for a long period time. Also we wish to inform you that your money has been forwarded to the remit department of this noble Bank through Mr.Andy Matthews (Banking Solutions and Trade Department)

who will direct you on how you will be receiving your money and an escrow account has been open with your information and your money was deposited into the escrow Account, this compensation fund was approved by the new president of Nigeria and some top officials in Nigeria, do comply immediately.

Meanwhile, you are advised to contact Mr.Andy Matthews who will direct you on how you will be receiving your fund.

Headquarter----Atlanta, USA
Key People ---William H. Rogers, Jr. (Chairman & CEO)
Head Office Sun Trust Plaza, 303 Peachtree Street Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30308-3201
Phone (404) +1 404 4653513, toll-free 1.80.786.8787
Founded 1891

Do contact him and get back to me because your file has been forwarded to his office. Now re-confirm and forward the below required information to the Bank immediately to avoid wrong transfer:

1. Full Names:
2 Your Full Bank details
3. Residence address:
4. Telephone/Fax number:
5. Age:
6. Next of Kin
7. Country of Residence
8. A copy of your driver?s license / international passport:
9. occupation.

Yours sincerely,