Friday, 11 September 2015

Today is a sad day for Freedoms

Today is a sad day for Freedoms. 

The freedom to decide for ones self is being debated in the House of Commons in a motion to give terminally ill people the right to call it TIME on their own suffering.  Why there is a need to debate this is down to a religious minority dictating ‘common-sense’ to an overwhelming majority of people who honestly and industriously care for others. Does the porous argument that malicious family members will try harder to inherit your state pension, illegally, carry more weight than the malicious intent of a devious family member who will kill you for no other reason than they are vile, murderous, scum?  As the saying goes, the road to Hell is paved with good intention…   Evil will out and the evil here, unfortunately, is that the argument will be high-jacked by the loony Liberals who never think through the logic of their own arguments.  When my disability worsens to such a state that my quality of life deteriorates to, as happened with friends and family, such that I am wholly dependent on others, it is for me and me alone to say enough is enough...

So what other Freedom is at stake?  Alexander Blackman, acting Colour Sergeant, Royal Marines dispatched to heaven a terrorist armed and intent on murdering British Armed Personnel and those they were charged to protect.  Oh! What a shame.  The Police officers who wrongfully killed JeanCharles da Silva e de Menezes on the Tube in London have not faced prosecution. Indeed, they were vigorously defended by the Police, so the Police investigated themselves?  The seemingly inept Senior Police Officer who gave the OK for the Fire Arms policemen/women will soon, probably, if not already, be collecting a handsome reward for not doing a good job.  Whereas the Military must not only take the greatest risks to protect others lives, they must be held to a higher level of scrutiny than those who can always walk away from “placing themselves in harms way”, that is the Police.  If I need to explain that again, you are reading the wrong blog and should stick to the Sun or Daily Mirror for your editorial wisdom.  It is enough to say that it is only the military that has no right to refuse lawful commands, even if it places them in the path of danger.  Every other Service has a legal right to say they will not do it.  Even the criminals who killed an off duty copper have not got the same harsh penalty that Sergeant Alexander Blackman received.  Shame all round!

All this sorry episode has done is making the professional talking class, the legal eagles, the mouth pieces for the corrupt, it bestows on them a greater stipend to the detriment of a fine soldier and his loving family.  At this time the mass media is disgracefully embarrassing our fine troops by reporting the saintly attributes and spurious intentions of a suspicious phalanx leaving Syria, many now well trained in insurrection and terrorism.  When we need every able bodied person to man the moat, to defend the shoreline, Alex Blackman is incarcerated, a victim of political duplicity.  Contrast the facts whereby  they- the Prime Minister and Co. - sanction plans and drones to kill the enemy from a distance whilst imprisoning the Brave who do their bidding at Bayonet Point distance?  Explain that to me, Mr/Mrs Politician!  But don’t be surprised if I ram your twisted logic down your treasonable throats.

We have now degenerated so much that we are no longer able to criticise those who most need to be held to account. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, Member of Parliament or God herself, you by definition have to be closely scrutinised.  As intelligent human beings, some of us at least, we have evolved to where every subject is 'debatable'.  Just because you are tagged as a professional does not make your view more valid than someone else.  That being said, it is not for the criminal or those with bad intentions to  be enpowered to unduly influence others.  This is achieved through threats and intimidation as happens, via the pseudo politician leaders of terrorist groups, in Loyal Ulster.   

How can the waves of foreign immigrants/people be placed ahead of the indigenous people whether it is in Hungary, Sweden or the United Kingdom?  Let all the DO-GOODERS tell the rest precisely who is going to pay?  Let all the DO-GOODERS tell us what planned projects for the immediate future are to be abandoned, to give way for the numbers we have to allow in because unelected officials in the EU demand we have to adopt?