Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Today's hottest email

Can someone please explain the following regarding the Syrian refugees arriving in Europe from worn torn destinations.

1/ How come they all seem to have endless supplies of money to pay the people traffickers.

2/ Most appear to have working mobile phones.

3/ Most appear well dressed and fed and do not appear to be suffering the effects of malnutrition.

4/ Most of the refugees are men of military age.

5/ Why are other Muslim nations not helping their fellow Muslims. (Saudi, Kuwait, U.A.E. Indonesia but to name a few)

6/ How come the two boys and their mother drowned off the Turkish coast can be returned for burial to the place they fled so quickly, what I believed to be I.S.I.S. held territory.

Could it be they are being paid to come to Europe as a way to increase the Muslim population and get I.S.I.S. fighters embedded in Europe? We all know life is cheap from an I.S.I.S. point so the loss of a few lives along the way has no meaning for them as long as it benefits their cause.
Just a thought.  
I have not secretly forwarded this missive.  It needs to be answered by your LEADERS and those halfwits who fiddle their expenses in Town Halls and Westminster.