Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I received this Email

38 Degrees Logo

Dear Mug,

The story of Aylan, the toddler who drowned trying to escape the war in Syria, has moved 38 Degrees members to do something amazing. [1] Together, we’re piling pressure on MPs and local councils to do all they can to help - and now, the government’s just pledged to help more mums, dads and kids find safety in Britain. [2,3]

But for families living out of a backpack, the struggle won’t end when they reach our safe shores. [4] Imagine the terror of being forced out of your home, seeing your family broken apart, arriving in a strange new country - and then facing a winter with nothing.

That’s where we come in. 38 Degrees members have joined forces with Citizens UK and Avaaz to raise money for a Survival Fund - to give emergency help for refugees arriving in Britain. [5] It’ll make sure that our new guests have somewhere to sleep, something to eat and warm clothes to wear. But it’ll only happen if enough of us chip in to get it started.
The Survival Fund will make sure that every family has the basics while they're away from home. It'll bring together donations from charities, businesses and ordinary people. It could make sure they have:
  • Children’s essentials, by collecting donations for pyjamas, shoes and coats
  • Places to live, by finding empty buildings to bring back into use
  • A warm, supportive welcome and a home-cooked meal, by introducing refugees to local families
refugee photo
This isn’t the first time British people have stepped up to help desperate people in need. Let's rally together like we did when thousands of Jewish refugees found shelter on British shores during WW2. And during the deadly Kosovo conflict in the 1990s, when Britain provided urgent relief for persecuted families. In the 1970s, Vietnamese boat people fleeing war were even rehoused in empty hospitals. [6] It’s things like this that make us proud to be British.

The crisis in Syria is going to go down in history as a human tragedy. But if we work together, we can look back on our actions with pride. A people-powered Survival Fund will make sure that people arriving in Britain get the urgent help they need. It’ll bring together churches, charities, doctors and businesses - all determined to make sure that Britain provides a welcome for refugees that we can be proud of.

This is pure emotional blackmail. Although I feel sympathetic to the children, I cannot feel anything but anger at all those who cannot see the full picture.
In this country we have been unable, because of political correctness, to solve any of the problems of Muslimisation in ghettos, of deviant immigrants molesting on a grand scale defenceless and witless families via rape and intimidation, of Corrupt Officialdom paying lip-service to our well founded and correct laws on Child Protection and then promulgating Law that prohibit caring Britons from raising objections because of the insidious Hate Crimes Laws!
Solve these first and I might consider the plight of foreigners next, but my only concern today is the lack of Freedom our Parliamentarians are shackling us with as they abandon ALL OUR LAWS to make us LOVE a culture that is out to destroy us.
38 DEGREES has overstepped the mark and I will no longer support any of its actions.