Monday, 28 July 2014

Illegal Mosque asks for change of use under Planning Laws

Like every town in the Country, England has had applications placed before the Planning Authority to change a building's usage.  What makes this series of buildings unique is that three people have already been criminalised for going against Planning Laws and setting up the Establishment, irregardless of the Law, local opinion and the sheer disregard of National and local Law.

Just by looking at this recent picture you can see that a criminal act has taken place by having vehicles parked on the frontage. Councillors Blackburn and Jones say it is a criminal matter therefore a Police matter.  But if you ask either sagacious characters what they are doing about it, in response to the public outcry, they go particularly mute. This takes us back to that last Pact Meeting where Cllr Jones tried hard to undermine the voice of the locals by demeaning their participation and where Cllr Sweet Shop was laughed at when he referred to 'honest decisions' made by the Council.

Has this situation been permitted to fester because one of those found guilty of a criminal offence was to be a prospective Labour candidate in the forthcoming local elections?  No!  One should never become cynical.

Fresh planning requests have been placed before Blackpool planning authority on May 7th of this year even though there has been major internal alterations to the five shops. The work was carried out without planning permission and in direct contravention of Health and Safety.  Just to illustrate how one sided against law abiding people councillors and police become, just look at where the Police Speed Camera is in relation to the illegally parked vehicles.  Now, tell the World how the authorities can blatantly disregard the Corporate Murder of Blackpool Veteran, Andy Miller, whilst ignoring these NEW Britain's who flaunt our laws before all and sundry?

Do we have to take Mr Miller's case to a Sharia Court or are the Police and Council going to accept their responsibility and comply with all the Laws of the Land?

No-one is holding their breath for the Authorities to come down on the side of the British People.