Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A complete waste of time and good British/Allied lives - Afghanistan


British troops will be pulled out of the Afghan badlands two months early, Tom Newton Dunn reveals in the Sun.  Most of the 5,000 troops in Helmand will have been lifted out by the end of October, although the agreed deadline for the end of operations is December 31st, and there are still ongoing clashes with the Taliban.  The MoD says that the early withdrawal is possible because local forces are now able to fend for themselves. Ex-Chief of Defence Staff Lord Richards isn't convinced, telling the Sun: "I am very disappointed. This is not what we committed ourselves to." (Morningbriefing _ Daily Telegraph).

Just what were we committed to?  Please, all Liebers apologists can answer here, if they have one, which they do not.  The Mission was most probably written on the same parchment as the Dodgy Dossier evidence.  

Pufffff...  Up in smoke along with all the evidence against MP's playing with children.... 

Remind me, someone nominated Jimmy Sa-Vile for a Knighthood!  Will someone tell the victims who this was?

No! Of coarse they will not!