Sunday, 6 July 2014

Australia reacting to the Immigration threat, at last

It is about time we quashed the ideas that the West cannot control their Governments.  What I mean about that is that we have to genuflect to the whims of Brussles and to laws and regulations that are not of our choosing.  In the UK we have laws that reinforce the rights and primacy of Parliament, as with the understanding that future Parliament cannot be shackled by a present day legislation.  That fluidity makes our system work.

Now get rid of the manacles of the European Political Union and start repatriating all those who do not fully accept British Common Law.  If they want to defy the will of the population by pleading Human Rights, it is time that we exercised the Human Rights of the British to live in Peace in their own land and removed the menaces from our shores.

If these interlopers are afraid of facing their own people, they should not be scheming to usurp the indigenous people who foolishly allowed thirty years of political ineptitude to dictate to us that we must accept into our midst those WE have not invited in.

You will see in this clip that militant immigrants in Australia have trained themselves in the martial arts.  I wrote to Gordon Marsden that this was happening amongst immigrants in the UK. That was about 14 years ago. Labour ignored the missives as they appear to have done over Child Abuse and other anti-social activities.

What is it about MP's and their attitudes once they gain entry into that foreign village called Westminster?  They become so alienated that they seem to believe they have been elevated into the Heavens?  The way they reacted to being caught with their fingers in the biscuit tin certainly suggest they have left Planet Reality.  Seen elevated to a seat on Question Time their attitudes to that SELECTED audience is that of Master and certainly not Public Servant.