Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Election has started

 Dem Independence Partee
 July Lees Ward,


from Don Nohgud:
69 Regal Promenade
Amoundenus Wave FU16 10NSW
125? ??????  Donnohgud@hottiemail>con
Web site www.Inde.Partee.org.au

                                                                                    2 August 2014

To all dem Nonwhitepool South members, except those who as legitimate meetings, minutes and abide by dem Constitution:

Dear Nonwhitepool South members, both of US,

Selection of Nonwhitepool South Parliamentary Election candidate

Nonwhitepool South Independence Party members will, if the Committee agrees, select the UK Independence Party candidate for the 2015 General Election from the near endless list of qualified candidates.

As a branch member dangling from a Branch in Nonwhitepool South, with the exception of us who don’t but will veto your selection if it doesn’t agree with us Chairman, you are invited to attend and vote for the candidate of your choice at the meeting. Not really but dun it look gud?

The meeting will commence at 7.30pm at The Pub once run by dat Murdered Landlord, Somewhere between Clovelly and St Andies on the Sea, and can hold about 2 1/2 peoples on den Bowling Green.

The Indee Partee hed office is bin adviced, well told, of dem meeting and dem vacansee is bin notified to all eligible candidates who is bin assessed and attained the required A grade. As No-One knows what is a A Grade is we is desided to keep it to usselfes and dispose with dem necissarys of having a constitutional meeting and pick the first and only name out of dem Chairman’s Hat.  A list of all Indee Partee Parliamentary candidates and candidate selection meetings can be found on My Indee.Partie website, which is tough for those witch aint got dem computers or who aint not computer legitimate.

I look forward to seeing you at this impotent meeting. Don’t cum tho as I is already nominated and elected me mate.

Yours sincerely

Don Nohgud

Indee Partee Chairman and de only one whos wot vote cownts. 

This is not a real election paper, but a facsimile of all that is bad about Party elections, the CABAL. There has been No Meetings, hence no Minutes of fictitious discussions on what, where, when, or who can or even wants to represent The People.  It could have been something out of the Old Conservative Party, but it is NOT as they were never that stupid. 

Not that those from elsewhere will know a jot about Blackpool's problems, and problems there are a plenty.

The truth is it has been spoofed from a real Party who will be holding a candidates selection meeting in the public house once licenced to the murdered landlord and Blackpool born Robert Michael -Andy - Miller.  How ironic is that as not a single Party has taken more than a glance at any of the heinous crimes committed on, to and by the people of Blackpool South, the Sandgrown'uns.  There are still children missing, there are suspicions of vile murder, there is rumour of fraud and there is the wanton destruction of Blackpool sole industry, tourism. Yet, to quote Lord Digby Jones, the last person you really need to address these ills is a politician.  But that is precisely what happens.

It is one of the four most deprived areas in Britain.  That is official from HMG.

The Constituency has an overpowering burden of neglected caused by unfit accommodation via unscrupulous landlords and secret societies.  Even the Council played a part in subversion by denying the electorate details of the dubious shenanigans around the monies accrued over the ownership of property on Crystal Road.  The Books have to be opened and the Council held to account for this disinformation, and where appropriate criminal sanctions taken against those found to be culpable through the Malfeasance in Public Office laws.

There are those watching carefully this latest episode in denying Sangrown'un legitimate representation. The Lieber crowd are more than pleased with the Brighton Belle, even though his Party has colluded and conspired with some of the most damaging events in the towns history.  One only has to come onto the Promenade from the Town Hall and see the disaster of allowing politicians a free reign to destroy the Pearl in Britain's tourism industry .  Put back up the Pink Flag, Councillors, even though were are supposedly marking 100 years of the start of World War One.  As one Labour Councillor said, History is Irrelevant.  If that's your attitude Cllr Hunter, then it bode badly for those of the next generation.

On this note I finish, for this morning.  Does Thomas Ford, born at 31 Gavan Street and in his prime a renowned sprinter, does the Cenotaph carry Tommy's name? He was killed in that horrendous war?