Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Great Scotland Independence Shouting Match.

The morning after the shouting Match of the Night Before.

What a complete waste of air time and my time.  Not a single question answered and not a single poignant question asked.

Two Socialists on two left sides of an argument, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that neither have intelligent answers to questions of State, nor was the occasion graced with simple matters that concern everyone, whether Scot, English, Irish or Welsh.

Let me make it simple.  When Scotland becomes Independent and is again Ruled by Celtic King Salmond, how will they fair when they travel to the capitol of the country and fall ill?  I talk of Blackpool, naturally!

Who pays for sick Jock or his misses if they have to visit an English doctor or the Victoria Hospital on the Fylde Coast?  It is a simple question but lays bare the myth of  Medical Treatment Free at Point of Access for all.  That is not what the National Health Service was established for.  When Politicians in1945 were expanding their aspirations, they did not envisage that subsequent lunatics would include every human body that had walked through the Map shaded Red. They wanted a Land Fit for Heroes, not a Land Fat on the endeavours of the few at the insistence of the loudest.   

That is what came over to most spectators, last evening.

So what happens when Jock wants to retire to his/her favourite resort?  Will their assets be freely available to be transferred South of the Border?  We already have the unedifying experience of the derision cast on British Pensioners who dare to chase the sun in their latter years, to spend THEIR pensions in the way they want by moving to Spain or even Australia.  The ignorant and the jealous insist that the Socialist lie spreaders can equate pensioners with illegal immigrants into these overcrowded islands.  A Lie does not become the truth purely by the number of times nor the volume of postulation that the lie is repeated.

Yet, to those who dare or are prepared to do their research, there is ample evidence that Utopia in Spain and increasingly Turkey is but a myth.  The Socialist elite in Britain are proud that their every condemnation of pensioners’ justifiable rights has been vindicated by the demise of the old and their collective savings. To the Socialist, the meagre and hard earned savings of all prudent classes is and always will be theirs to do with as they want.  In this sense they are more culpable than many of the corrupt Bankers who partially endangered the wealth of the saver and the stability of the Nation called the United Kindom of GB & NI.  There is nothing more heinous than subsidising the worthless breed of repeat families of scroungers whose only contribution to anything is that they, like their fathers’ before them, vote Labour. 

So when the same Worthless Dross departs Dundee and Glasgow for the benefits of Wonderful Blackpool, who stands the bill?

So, back to the Great Shouting Match!  No proposals and no solutions.  Why did I not hear one voice in the wilderness whispering even, who pays?  Arghhh!  The saviour, OIL!  Olive, castor, linseed or soya?  No!  North Sea!  According to King Salmond it is the eternal panacea that will finance Jockdisneyland for ever.  Get real and start asking pertinent questions.  When You Have listened to the bull from this Socialist New Elite, remember that these parasites sat in their Ivory Towers and oversaw the destruction of Britain’s Banking reputation.  They could not Govern properly then.  What makes them capable of governing in the future?  Absolutely nothing!   Nothing except that a large proportion of the electorate will swallow their guff, hook line and sinker, and will put an X next to the Dead Monkey who is standing in your constituency.