Friday, 29 August 2014

2003 - Rotherham Council and Police aware

1.9   In 2003, the Area Child Protection Committee received reports about runaway children and the work of Risky Business. A presentation on sexual exploitation was made to a special seminar for councillors in November 2004. This presentation was explicit about known perpetrators, their ethnic origins, and where they operated. Similar presentations were made to other groups, including the Safeguarding Board, over the following weeks. As a result, the Leader of the Council set up a 'Task and Finish Group' to consider safe travel, safe houses, witness protection, training and publicity to raise public awareness of the issue. Senior councillors attended a conference on child sexual exploitation held in Rotherham in April 2006. A training session for councillors was arranged in June 2007 and a further conference in 2011.

This Report gets more damning the further you read.  It destroys completely all the mild platitudes and apologies made by those in Executive Office, Council, Police and Social Work.  Not an ounce of "common sense" or a slither of care for English children at the hands of a foreign entity.  

What lunatic thinks you can take illiterate humans out of environments where the rule of the Gun is all pervasive and drop the into a serene, stable and almost comatose realm where an ancient and almost placid adherence to the Rule of Law exists without turmoil? Get your heads from up your backsides ands take a close look at the USA, South Africa, Canada, Indonesia and even moribund France.  Immigration is now the disaster of Biblical proportions where uncontrolable masses threaten a catastrophy that could soon swamp the excesses of the Monguls Hordes.

Prosecute me if you will, but this is the only construction one can associate with what is happening, unrestrained mass movement of an alien specie.   How can anyone vote Labour with all they have inflicted on the British People?  Socialism, the Ebola of Politics!

1.11    Between 2007 – 2013, the Police undertook a series of operations, jointly coordinated and designed to investigate cases of suspected child sexual exploitation, although only one resulted in prosecution and convictions. Operation Central in 2008 investigated groups of men believed to be involved in child sexual exploitation. It ended in 2010 with five convictions. In the same year, Child S was murdered. Operation Czar, begun in 2009, led to the issuing of abduction notices, but no convictions. Operation Chard in 2011 led to abduction notices and 11 arrests but no convictions. In the summer of 2012, Operations K-Alphabet and Kappa began, again joint investigations with children's services. Later that year, Operation Carrington investigated the risks to young people in central Rotherham. In 2013, a police operation into historic CSE in Rotherham was announced.

No part of British Society deserves this appallingly low level of Governance.  It will be excused on the grounds of the lack of monies from Westminster and the bias of Central Government against local authorities.  So let's get it straight.  Labour in Westminster was the Government of the day and is therefore ultimately culpable for their total disregard for the care of English Children on Queens Lands.   British Law is a joke perpetrated by officials and officers of that Party on a cowering people.

In Rotherham, the bemused electorate WILL elect Labour yet again, back to mess up again ethat which their predecessor corrupted over the past decades.   Solution? NONE OF THE ABOVE must be put on all ballot papers.