Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ukip follows Lily Savage to the Institute

The Layton
  (EX LAYTON INSTITUTE  1912 -2012)
Everyone with an eye for a good night out should have a look at what's on at the new Layton.  There's plenty on offer with great entertainment every week. 

The Layton Institute is now The Layton and is no longer a club but a Pub with access to all.  So come along and enjoy all the facilities old and new.  After all the majority of people coming in now are just the same ones as before.

Ukip Cleveleys are to use this venue to host Louise Bours and Dr Paul Nuttal for talks.  Nothing has been mentioned about Blackpool South Ukip?

What a wonderfully ironic choice of location.  When I walk through the doors as I have done so often since being a child, into rooms filled with nostalgia, where my grandfather and his brothers, cousins and kin would sit quietly with their friends in the snooker room and talk boxing and football. I wonder if many remember the bright kid who would sell hundreds of pounds worth of raffle tickets to locals in the concert room on a Sunday lunch; or wait in eager anticipation as the famous Institute football team got changed in the bowling green hut before running the mile or so to the ground on St Walbergers?
There will be no Brian London, Ronnie Hunter, Souix Moorhouse, Reggie Hardman in attendance.  One has to wonder if legends like Billy Underwood and Geoff Barnes are still in around?

But one has to inquire as to how much Ukip are paying for the venue when there are others freely available?

For many a decade the Institute was the beacon of good sense and honest working class values.  It thrived and was a leader in entertainment long before Lily Savage was invented.  Beat Night was a source of contention and many of the good local bands performed to packed audiences whilst some of the 'Old 'Uns' below complained of the noise and the interference with the darts and snooker leagues.  Nothing ever changes! Who remembers Ian Holbrook, Harry Feeny, Johnny Breeze and a host of other local entertainers who all did gigs long before the TV cameras were invited in?

What is going to be interesting is, if this is a public event, how will they prevent those they have banned from attending especially as at least one noticeable excludee is the grandchild of the family that laid the first bricks to a once famous institution?

And I wonder if their spokesperson will dare to eulogise over the Police in a venue where murder victim Andy Miller swapped his Bolton Wanderers kit for those of the Institute?  If he/she does, will the speech be broadcast downstairs where there will be quite a few of Andy's relative's imbibing of a small libation?  And in his/her speech will he/she explain why Andy's murder has never been investigated?  And, like Hillsborough and a thousand other injustices, when will real victims get justice, not for themselves, but in the memory of those so badly let down?

In the picture above we have many of the original members of  Layton Institute.  In the picture are Andy Miller, his mother Kitty, and his grandmother.  There are not many men on view as they were all off fighting wars for the right for Free Speech, the right of Freedom of Association, the Right of Democratic privilege.

When Political Parties ban members for upholding those rights...  It just does not only happen in the Ukraine and Russia and Vietnam and North Korea and...and...and...