Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Quiet corner of Maidan Square, Kiev.

 Local feeding station, Maidan Square, Kiev

For those whom talk about events with no knowledge of what they are talking about, let me introduce my sister-in-law, Gala, at a feeding station in Maidan Square, Kiev, but a few days ago.

Both my brother and his spouse have attended the Maidan Square fracas since the uprising began, doing what they think is needed under the circumstances, and playing a full part in the democratisation of a corrupt and evil regime. No, they are not Lib/Lab/Contricksters! Nor are they being shepherded into partaking in actions with consequence they do not want.  They are residents confronting a dire situation with what little means they have to offer.

The pity is that all those paying lip service to democracy in this country could not recognise that concept, if they ever saw it.  They think that democracy is bowing to leaders with minuscule mandates, demand the non participation of vocal and intelligent criticism, ignore the angst of their own supporters to a cabal of oligarchs with not the slightest idea of local issues...Need I go on?

This is the sad picture of politics in this country, not that one above.  For those of us who are politically active, the ability of senior party members to ignore debate with ordinary members is unacceptable. Party Meetings are now nothing more than a drum banging exercise for the privileged few, a colossal theatre or Oscar Ceremony to drown out the questions that need answering.  It is not just within the realms of the two major parties that this insidious practice proliferates, but is now endemic within any political regime that gains even the most minimal of public support.

Give the Parties back to the membership or die on the scaffold of public indifference.

So how can a Government that sanctioned the illegal actions in Iraq and Afghanistan comment on events in Ukraine?  Honestly, they cannot! Blair destroyed the historic moral superiority that Great Britain had attained.  Now the other parties are joining the idiots bandwagon and submitting to the false premise that elected representatives know best.  Worse!  Unrepresentative individuals are increasingly becoming mouthpieces for sinecures who malice matches only their incompetence.