Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Letter from Ukraine in reply to Ukip article

 In today's Newletter from Ukip to the general public:

Recent developments have been officially revealed by Russia Today, that took place between the inept Foreign Minister of the European Union, Madame Ashton, and the Estonian Foreign Minister, regarding the fact that President Yanukovych was in fact not behind the snipers that killed demonstrators in Kiev, but that it was a leading member of the opposition, most likely from the Right Sector, Svoboda, or both.
For many this will come as a shock, for they buy into the nonsense given to them on a silver platter about Yanakovych being a communist butcher, that he looted the treasury, and that he must be akin to some of the womanizing fascist dictators of Latin America, who enjoyed numerous mistresses, etc, etc, etc.  As usual, the ignorance of the masses shouldn’t be a cause for hysteria, but at the same time, it is key to use it to remind ourselves that the media still has control of the masses via entertainment, even though millions are stirring from their slumber, and seeking out truth.
As the United States prepares to give $1 billion in aid to the Europhile cabal in Kiev, with the United Kingdom following suit with a similar absurd amount thanks to dear old Cleggy and Co, it is imperative to remember that the so-called leaders of these nations were fully aware that “national socialist” elements were controlling the violent protests against the legitimately elected government of Ukraine. Instead of paying heed, they willingly sent representatives to parley with them, and aid them in their quest to not only free Ukraine from Russia, but most importantly, to place new shackles on the Ukrainian people, by slowly but surely bringing them into the fold of the EU Imperial yoke itself.
The treachery of the Western leaders, and the incompetence of Lady Ashton, who foams at the mouth with her nonsensical desire to create something akin to a Fourth Reich, is enough for one to be disgusted with the dispicable games the elite play at, as they destroy a nation, and make it a slave to the evil beast in Brussels and Strasbourg. God willing, the masses rise up, and kill the beast, before the beast kills them.
Rule Britannia. 

Reply from an ENGLISH Ex Patriot living in Kiev.

There is much speculation and propaganda used by interested parties as to the events that took place in Kiev. Lets first put on the record that I have lived in Kyiv for the past 20years – a British expatriate married to a Ukrainian. Have been to the Maidan on numerous occasions and witnessed some of the incidents personally as have other colleagues. A colleague did take photographs of some snipers in action during then main period of activity and they are in the uniform of the Riot Police. The day following the main incidents I was on Kreshatik, Krushevskovo, Institutskya Streets and took a number of photographs. Very disturbing to see bullets that had gone through a round 1/4inch steel lamp post. By following the trajectory the direction of these shot came from the direction the National Bank of Ukraine an area controlled by the Ukrainian Police!! I have no doubt that the Berkut (Ukrainian Special Police) are responsible for the murderous killing spree that took place. I feel sure that an independent forensic investigation will come to the same conclusion. Your accusations against the Svoboda Party and Right Sector are also inaccurate as I have not seen them armed with sufficient weapons to cause the casualties and destruction in these disturbances.
The Yanokovitch group had installed a system of corruption in Ukraine that was absolutely beyond belief. Prime Minister Azarov had previously been Minister for Taxation and used his experience to set up a system that pillaged the wealth from every sector of the public. The Tax Police were used to threaten and intimidate business and people into submission (Speaking from personal experience) The courts became a tool use by Yanokovitch and his group to enforce whatever decision they deemed appropriate.
I have been given an interesting hypothesis as to what was going on in the Putin/Russia – Yanokovitch/Ukraine agreements. Yanokovitch and his cronies had been given the green light by Putin to steal as much as possible in order to bankrupt Ukraine. Russia could then step in and through their benevolence acquire what ever they wanted at knockdown prices.
The financial help being given to the current administration is subject to controls by the donors. This is fully endorsed by people here I have spoken with as they all want to get away from the rampant corruption they have been subjected to over the last number of years.
Many people still do not really understand what the past 3 months have been about. The choice between accepting a Russian model of government with inherent kleptocracy and corruption or a European model which offers a more just and equitable system of government.
I recommend that you visit website:
Gives a view of events as seen directly from people at the Maidan in Kiev from which you can have another perspective of events.