Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fylde Coast Politicians running for cover

With one local civic leader running around the back gardens sniffing at the drying knickers on ladies clothes lines, a colleague tells a jury he is not a paedophile but they did not believe him and found him guilty of child abuse - irrespective of what the law calls it.  The Jury say he is guilty and the Courts find his conduct so harmless they awarded him funds to purchase more film for his camera.  What a sick interpretation or even sop for the victims of his awful crimes!

Now it is rumoured that Ms Sarah Riding's tenure as apologist for another planning disaster, the Talbot Gateway or as it is locally called "'Whatfuckingidiotbuiltthis' just another Road Block up the Councils Asshole Labyrinth and extension to the Promenade f*ckup" to give it its full title, has allegedly resigned.

A bit late girl.
Labour Councillor Sarah Riding

Lieber's favourite immigrant has already started parading his team along Church Street without notifying anyone that the Ward seat is becoming vacant.  Not that it matters much to Blackpool councillors as several Wards have long been short of representation, with several other councillors having vacated positions.  Pity the electorates hasn't noticed.

Lytham St Annes MP Mark Menzies

Not that we are allowed to notice anything.  Major Parties usher in whomever they wish and when they commit heinous indiscretions it is the electorate that is at fault!  I am more than happy for people to behave in private in a manner that adult participants enjoy, but do not do it while you represent me.  Now with Fylde Conservative MP Mark Menzies under scrutiny for activity that would have had most service personnel hung drawn and not quite quartered, it is about time we kicked all the politicians out who fall foul of what the Forces knew as Section 6 of the Navy Act, and Section 69 of the Army Act.  Conduct unbecoming of...

Small wonder politics is now the last bastion of the scoundrel.