Thursday, 6 March 2014

Slapped wrist for former Tory Councillor for taking child abuse pictures

Outrages as the Courts forget the child victims.

Another perpetrator seems to be getting off lightly with heinous offences, not only against children, but against society as a whole.  How can the Court justify a Community Service as a deterrent to someone like Julian Manure when the country is awash with cases against not only children, but vulnerable children?
 Former Blackpool Tory Councillor
What has gone wrong with the legal system?

What is wrong with the once fierce British people?  Have they been cowed into submission on every subject from illegal immigrants, to people who violate the children?

Does office give immunity to all the creeping offences that destroy social cohesion?  Fraud and theft by politicians, is that now mandatory?  Graft and subversion of truth from high profile figures has been with us since man learned to speak, but are the lies acceptable?  How many immigrant child molesters have been granted permanent residence against the interest of indigenous Britain and the multi-violated victims?

 Political Parties that not only avoid confronting the angst of the caring people, but who actively dissuade anyone who raises issues that should automatically be at the front of every platform!  And the false prophets who go on TV and promise democracy, freedom and a preservation of culture and history but who never allow people to debate such issues, we know them and their Parties but the Law seem squinted to protect then from their own lies!  Why?