Thursday, 20 March 2014

Same words, different Parties - can anyone define Democracy...

Words are easy to say but are meaningless when they are not understood.  It is great to remind ordinary people of the effects and reasons for democracy. But for democracy to have meaning, it has to be implemented across the board in its entirety within all political bodies.  One body cannot condemn another, I.E. vilify Unions and their all powerful leaders, whilst exercising identical controls over their sheep!

Just read the minutes of your local Party meetings and scrutinise the context.  Then write and tell me yours is exemplary.  What makes matters bad is the number of people who do attend meetings where subsequent Newsletters bare no resemblance to that meeting, yet the attendee does nothing.  They feel good just by being there and not for what they have contributed, invariably nothing but applause.  But they are the problem not the irate beligerent who wants true democracy and participation.

Note well, rogue parties do not issue reports, official and signed as is required under regulation for each legitimate body of every hue and persuasion, genuine MINUTES for those meetings.  It is the first position of the autocrat, the would be demagogues to deny true facts to the simple minded and often aggrieved citizen.  It is also the first step down the road of submissiveness.  The next will be the audacious way of removing opposition, once the truth has been highlighted, for the self appointed Adolph to confer with his ally and instantly condemn the innocent observer to the Gulags just on his word or that of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov.