Monday, 6 January 2014

Ukip Blackpool South inaugural meeting

Ukip Blackpool South has obtained the use of the Former Servicemens Club at 17, Station Road, South Shore, Blackpool.

The inaugural meeting will take place on Monday 13th January 2014 from 1900 hours.

The aim is to establish a bone fide Blackpool South Ukip constituency, gather the views of the members and prospective members, to drive ahead with recruitment and to plan for all eventualities that includes sudden by-elections.

It reads as though there is lots to do.  There is!

Having established not one, but two venues where members can meet, it is up to the membership to make it vibrant and successful.  As there is no viable Blackpool South constituency, there is a need to elect officers.

If you cannot attend, but have access to the internet, efforts will be made to have instant access via Skype or and Mobile phones for those members wanting to participate.

As a matter of interest, all Giffgaff subscribers get free calls to all other Giffgaff subscribers and Steve Flanigan is on Giffgaff.