Friday, 31 January 2014

The face of an evil Tory councillor

 This is the email I have sent to Gordon Marsden and Simon Blackburn, plus all on my email list.  Marsden will do nothing and Blackburn will philibuster, but I hope you all spread the word that some of us will not tolerate people like this or those who are complicit in this evil.

The face of an evil Tory councillor

The face of en evil Tory councillors
We used to be able to say that Bullshit baffled brains!  Here is the classic example of Sh*t baffling a few.  Adored by many, but evil to the core, that is Julian Majeur.
With the Fylde ex Servicemen's Liaison Committee giving him their unreserved support, Councillors including the late Major Hero Jim Houldsworth united in an illegal venture, theft ignored by the Charities Commission and endorsed by both Labour and Conservative administrations in the Town Hall, is it a wonder that ordinary decent people do not vote in local elections?
We, those who have been warning the public for years about this beast, are going to celebrate on the 5th of March when the Judge will hopefully throw away the keys.  Now, can we look at all those who gave this child abuser succour, and I include Simon Weston whose judgment has been shown to be woefully poor. Let's drop the accolades of Hero to anyone who has suffering misfortune as it undervalues those real heroes out in Afghanistan who need all our support when Government cannot even protect them on Home Ground.
We all know that these perverts do not work in isolation, so who shared this evil predilection to harm and abuse our children?  My blog, letters and email have shown a consistent plea that this man be investigated, not only when he was running around stealing Help For Heroes collection boxes, but when that illegal venture on Bank Heys street, the Shop for ******* was getting the blessing from councillors of every persuasion.
And when Arthur Roe was being vilified for telling the truth, who supported him?  Not the FESLC who must now be investigated properly.  Nor did the Conservative Party who Arthur had served religiously all his working life.  There were but a few, now vindicated and with reason to scream loudly that YOUR inaction and duplicity put children needlessly at risk.. Shame on YOU all.
From one former regular, who would not be seen dead near any of their shenanigans, it is a shame that one of the first names on the cenotaph is that of my  great Uncle Tommy whose athletic career ended in a grave in Flanders.  If you cannot show proper respect, leave us Regulars alone.
Now will someone tell me I have been wrong about this miscreant all these years?
The Councillors cannot have it both ways.  I flooded their inboxes with complaints and observations and they did nothing.  Simon Blackburn still does nothing.  It is now up to YOU all to do something and let us OUT these evil, filthy perverts from our midst.