Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Farage on liberty, diversity and Freedom of Speech

In Blackpool South constituency, a massive number of the electorate have never heard of Nigel Farage.  If they have, he is thought of as being a member of the Conservative Party, a former Lib/Dem or another illegal immigrant; the level of education falls drastically low in some areas around here.

The Labour run council is rapidly bolstering their position, getting very active on the jabberjabber circuit, but unsurprisingly inert when it comes to activity to make Blackpool South a better place in which to live, or more importantly, a better place in which to do business.

According to all the statistics, this region is the most deprived when it comes to health and welfare.  The most common cause of premature death in the 13 to 16 year olds IS SUICIDE. Can anyone approach a local councillor and seek comfort from them at a time of emotional turmoil?  No need to answer that.

There is no meaningful regeneration except in the salaries of the cosseted few who draw pay packets that embarrass top political figures, who do nothing about the disturbing disparity between the haves and the have nots.  This is in no way a condemnation of the entrepreneur, that valid life blood that can always re-energise an economy through intelligence, hard work and sheer commercial brilliance.  Compare that to the status quo of Labour who dare not contemplate truly allowing the next generation to be properly educated for fear that history, that wonderful gluttonous strand that brought Northern Europe out of the caves centuries before the Nomads further South, for the horrendous ruination of the legacy that our Fathers created.  The benefits system never was envisaged to be a life style, FOR LIFE.  It was a stop-gap, a filler for the desperately poor betwixt employment.

The wonderful NHS was suppose to give us all, we, the British taxpayer and indigenous people, the sort of medical treatment that modern medicine provides.  Instead it is poorly regulated, abominably financed and scrutinised and a tool for the two parties of office, Labour and Conservative, to argue over and do little in the way of improve since its foundation.

To assist in the improvement locally, Ukip members are digging into their own pockets and entering learning schemes to discover precisely what all the changes to the benefit system means to us all.  The courses are run on behalf of the Dept of Works and Pensions.  Time given by the Ukip members is their own and the fees they pay is out of their own pockets - for the betterment of the whole of the society in Blackpool South.

Having fought the corner for former Service Personnel almost single handed for the past fifteen years, to know what it is like to live on lip service and false promises, it is a pleasure that some Ukip members are broadening their knowledge base and dipping their toes into the maelstrom of Benefits Britain.  All the good intentions and hard work by progressive thinking individuals means nothing if obstructed and undermined by the jobsworth in Middle Management whose entire lives are governed by envy and ineptitude.  You will find these types everywhere from the Party Leaders doorstep to the doorman at the CIU Social Club.  Not all are Union card carriers...