Thursday, 30 January 2014

Both Labour and Conservatives shamed in Blackpool South

Now who do you beleive? That hero Simon Weston who showed a distinctly bad sense of judgment,  who publically supported this paedophile, Julian Manure, or the bad tempered Old Fart who has been warning you all for years?  Now h**g the pervert and all his friends. How many, as he claimed in Court, were also involved in his filthy, despicable antics?  Afterall, perverts and child fiddlers do not operate in isolation.

I wonder how the Conservative Party are going to explain this?  They are as bad as Labour who used the weight of Public Office to intimidate Joanne Trafford, the solicitor in the Lido Buildings (North Solicitors) who shamed Mr Blackburn and cohorts in Court. Well done.

Blackpool South Ukip members will give all those who fight evils whether individual or as a group, all the backing they can.