Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Duggan Family scream murder and the country must wait for the mob

British Justice!  It cannot be served when only the loud and malfeasants get it. A Jury decision and already the baying, criminal classes are screaming.  We may as well retire to the caves and let the mindless masses burn our streets and kill innocent bystanders.  That is the legacy of forty years of dithering and political ineptitude.

Just wait until the thug’s family throw the Race Card into their beatification of a thoroughly foul individual!  If towns were singed after the original shooting, they may possibly roast now the aggrieved family and friends perceive injustice.  Not a single tear for the five innocents who were murdered because an individual was a gun carrying villain.

Compare that to the dignified reaction to a completely horrendous decision after the justifiable homicide of a Taliban murderer by a Royal Marine sergeant.  If the Duggan family think they have had no justice and feel aggrieved, what must the family and comrades of Sgt Blackman be feeling?  Let the mob riot, then put Sgt Blackman’s comrade from 42 Commando ahead of the rioters, this time with live ammunition and not with wooden clubs as their predecessors were so armed in the late 60’s in Ulster.
It is time that the politicians learned that there are those amongst us, mostly illegal, who do not care or respect the traditions and laws which ought to unite us all.  Start with prosecuting Tony Blair and the thieving MPs and we might keep a lid on this terrible melting-pot Westminster has permitted to evolve.

One Law and it has to be universal.  That does not mean Sharia or Foreign Law administered from outside OUR Courts of Justice.