Sunday, 9 June 2013

The truth about Islam?

After suffering two weeks of lies and politically correct platitudes, with the murders in Afghanistan of UN troops including US and Italians, isn't it time we reminded Lieber of precisely the shit they enrolled our fighting forces in?

Those of us who fought in Aden, Northern Ireland and many other places know full well that unless you completely crush the enemy, they re-emerge to kick you in the testicles.  Not that Lieber have any, leaving that to the brave boys and girls who served without hesitation on OUR behalf, only to be slain, as the IRA were able to do in the 70's and 80's, on home soil.  Still the politicians know best.

We cannot deport murderers, even those who slay their own children for HONOUR!  Few look to Southern Africa and see the real picture of Europeans being massacred en masse.  People would prefer to eulogise a terrorist because age and infirmity softened his hard line and murderous regime.  In a few years time the trickle that Enoch Powell predicted will become a flood more powerful than the rivers of the great Zambezi where I fought terrorism for many years.  We were warning pre 7/7 that certain minorities were planning insurrection and sedition, but our politicians had not the capacity to pick up a dictionary and look at what veterans were screaming about.

Who was it who said there is is none more blind than those who will not see?  Politicians have promulgate horrendously one sided and stupid laws, to invent a Utopian that can never be achieved.  Wake up Britain and smell the coffee.  It is sweet and sickly and full of ingredients unpalatable to European tastes, and rightly so.

Every time the BBC allows a propagandist to harp on about inequality and bias, it would be easy to do as the speaker above does and recount the ghastly truths as the nations of Britain slip into obscurity.  The world has forgotten the former Royal Marine who was distributing BNP leaflets and was set on and spat on by five Muslim zealots.  All that was recorded was that the single former Royal Marine rightly smacked his attackers in the teeth.  Now he has a criminal record and his attackers are victims of Hateful Racist attack.  What absolute stupefying dishonesty and abuse of Law.

In Blackpool the council attacks and harangues certain minor miscreants but leaves absolute law breakers alone.  The illegal mosque opposite the Waterloo pub is expanding without planning permission and the council does nothing.  Put an extension on your home to care for Granny and the council would have a JCB through it before you can say Allah be appraised