Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wont you come to the Bower

The Blackpool news sheet runs a full article on what local Veterans are doing, but not a single word about this heroes partner and fellow councillor?  Why not?  Oh! he's in the Stuart Hall Suite practising the Sir Jim Sa-Vile defence. 
Nor is there any mention in the financial bit about those secret accounts that were minuted on a sound recording, and still available on the Internet but since deleted, redacted, erased, rubbed out, filed in File 13, forgotten and denied ever existed with £30k that could be used to release local tax payers from another burden. 
No wonder some could run around the centre of Blackpool with stolen Help for Heroes collection boxes under there arms as the local police and the Unscruples Committee turned Heratio's bad eye on misdeeds in Public Office.

Small wonder that ordinary people can't or wont understand the necessity of absolute propriety of office holders if they do not understand that a man in "loco parentis" is absolutely responsible for their own conduct towards children temporarily in their care.  We are charged with doing no harm, but when evil is visited on our vulnerable it woe betides those with courage to confront evil when ordinary people lose the moral compass and start to blame the victim.  This happen again recently with Julie Bailey and the Stafford Hospital debacle, with Mel Mullin in Blackpooland her charitable endeavours and the sickening barriers placed in her path by those purporting to have similar intentions.
When a 30 year old male teacher lured a 15 year old pupil into a sexual relationship, one she is not competent under law to appreciate or agree to, then no punishment can be severe enough to compensate for HIS transgressions. 
Until the FESLC can explain their relationship with unaccounted monies and other more serious offences, for as long as day is day, their avoidance of responsibility whilst benefitting from such association is deplorable.  Much more is subjudice and the FESLC know that time may come to their aid and erase memories that others will never forgive them for.