Sunday, 16 June 2013

Attack on English girls on video removed from YouTube

Police in the NW of England appear to be upholding their reputation of bias and incompetence.  On Monday, in Ashton Under Lyne nr Manchester, an English girl videoed part of an attack on her female friends by ENGLISH PAKISTANI  males.  That video has already been removed from YouTube but is still viewable on LiveLeak. The mute response by the Police is typically questionable.  This is a country whose police cannot investigate the murder of a genuine English veteran because the known perpetrators were supposedly acting for the Courts.  They are unable to arrest MP's, journalists,Councillors, kiddie fiddlers or GP's with a perchance to euthanize single, elderly patients.

In this same week in Blackpool, Police arrived at the home of an 80 plus woman to investigate the 'catnap' of a wee pussy from her neighbours, across a 6 ft high fence dressed in cape and dark mask and high on the drugs supplied by Veronica Campbell-Brown's chemist.  The Old Lady abandoned her zimmer frame and left it as evidence of her malfeasance in this despicable and cunning enterprise to colonise her tiny council flat with marauding pussy.  Her elder veteran neighbour say he wish he' have thought about it as it would save him a fortune in Viagra.  The Fuzz refused to investigate the willful damage caused by Council Employees who destroyed most of the plants and shrubs planted by tenants to improve the look of the area.  A council spokesman said it had been a genuine mistake as the workers thought they were weeds and dead plants.  Well said, Mr Jobsworth.  

Yobs are allowed to be yobs, but the Duty of Care owed to the elderly ceases with encroaching infirmity.  The pink packages of doggy doo which are congregating and multiplying around the bus shelter on St Annes Road and adjacent to Arnold School playing fields are breeding faster than illegal immigrants and illegal mosques.  Council and Police do nothing about them either.