Monday, 10 June 2013

Fire in school splashed across the media. Why?

“Four teenagers have been arrested over a fire at an Islamic School which saw 182 staff and pupils evacuated and two treated for smoke inhalation.  The four - two aged 17, and two aged 18 - were arrested on suspicion of arson late last night, the Metropolitan Police confirmed. They are currently in custody at a south London police station.” (Read more) 

Britain is a group of small islands with an over large population.  Thanks to Lieber flooding the countries with alien people they have almost completed the destruction that Nazi Germany could not fulfill.  With so many people together, the cultural and ethical experiment is fraying and already the apologists for genocide are using their unique grasp of language to make the indigenous people feel guilty.  Where the guilt should lay is with those who supported traitor in chief and his arselickers, Tony Blair and company, those same left wing fascists scribes are out with their pens and easy access to the Media, predominately the BBC, giving disproportionate reports of mass uprising by those evil English White trash. 

There is nothing new about idiot children burning schools.  Blackpool, like every town in the country, has had many incidents, the worst and probably the costliest was at Devonshire Road School.  I cannot recall a sudden media frenzy against the perpetrators then because Devvie Road was a C of E school and the culprits probably Kaffliks! (They turned out to be former pupils with a school to burn – grudge)  No!  The response was muted and, with the exception of what locals thought to be extremely lenient punishment, the fact that the culprits were caught and went through due process was sufficient for a civilised society.

Just wait until the Anti-Fascist League get their evil ink into the perpetrators of this stupid act.  The fate of the Nazis after Nuremberg will be nothing by comparison and no punishment severe enough.  Public executions will be demanded and followers will queue up to administer justice.  Knives sharpened and cleavers honed.  Burning schools of one religion is as bad as burning paper/books, the Q’ran.

“That can’t happen,” will be the response. 

No?  Is memory that short and have the propagandist taken over the media completely?

They will point to Belfast as a wonderful example of time healing all wounds.   Here is news for the masses who have never visited that strange city.  It is a Forty Foot concrete and steel wall that keeps the peace in Belfast.  That, and a very small but magnificent Police Service backed by soldiers in barracks.  Northern Ireland had a population of around 2 million and it took an entire Police Force with the support of up to 40 thousand soldiers to prevent wholesale massacre.  What is it going to take to police England, with a population of over fifty million, when the Political Experiment fails and the aggrieved indigenous get no justice from newly imposed systems that appear to be biased against them?

Report the News, by all means.  But make it proportionate to the incident.  Stop demonising the ENGLISH people.