Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Blackpool paper censors debate

Blackpool's local newspaper cannot discus gender unless it is censored?  This, from a paper who cannot define HERO and who openly supported someone facing criminal charges for child molestation offences.  Hmmm!!!!  Very QUEER...

 The average, intelligent person has had enough of this unwarrantable interference in open debate.  Just remember that Sir Jim Sa-Vile was not homosexual, nor Stuart Hall queer, that PUFFs are a legal term in contract law and that Gay used to mean jocular.  The offence is implying that homosexuals and lesbions are not caring, not normal or thoroughly decent people.  That is unless you use your sexuality as a means to intimidate others, as some female soldiers and homosexual police officers seem to have done.  Not that the gender war is confined to non-normal freaks as some would like to suggest.  It happens within the brains of those who try to be something they are not.  If you are no bloody good at something, like many local reporters turn out to be, it does not matter that criticism is not personal but what they write is utter rubbish, often fabrication and too often without foundation.  Lord Leveson has tried to make the industry realise this, but like smokers their addiction cannot be rationalised irrespective of the damage they do.  That's why politician select purveyors of death from the tobacco industry to be the heralds in such a department as the Ministry of Justice.
It is not Gordon Marsden's sexuality that makes him unpalatable, but the questionable manner he represented my community and my profession and the fact that he has allowed his sexual bias to make him judgemental over those who risked their lives for his every opportunity.