Monday, 20 May 2013

Cleaning detail should look at themselves

There is a self elected group of purportedly Former Soldiers who are griping about a park that no-one wanted but which has been accepted as a memorial garden for the fallen.  In the Gazjet they are complaining about lack of money for its upkeep, but not a word about the Secret Accounts that the whole world once listened to before they stopped recording their less than open meetings.  There is also the £30.000, that's right, the thirty thousand pounds that the Council and the Cabal ignore completely that could pay for a disabled veteran to do a few hours casual work to maintain this area with the respect that cabals can never give.
As I peruse the photograph I have to ask, and out loud, will this group be parading at the Courts to defend their protege against child porn charges with the vigor that they attacked Wendy Lewis on the steps of Blackpool magistrates court? Of course not.  It would show the hypocrisy of following those who never fired a shot in anger or fulfilled their contractual obligations to heroes by promptly ignoring every aspect of respect or beholdance to those who sacrificed and never asked for anything other than what they earned.  
Perhaps those who kept stum about Sir Jim Sa-Vile for so many years should not be fronting organisations that purport to be a CHARITY?
Shit sticks, but not in Filthpool obviously.