Sunday, 12 May 2013

Islam from another viewpoint

A true recording or otherwise?  What I know is that none of the British media has had anything like this man interviewed.  Every single immigrant has a fixed view on their religion, as the Catholic appear to do with their blindness to their religion and the historic evidence of abuse and nepotism towards human dynasties.
It has taken us centuries to bury the obsessions of religion.  Well almost.  The streets of Belfast and Glasgow suggest otherwise, but who wants to live in a society where the colour of your scarf reflects whether you are safe or not just to visit within a neighbourhood?
Religion is and ought to be a private matter, between an individual and his conscience.  Like many, I take exception when I utter an outburst of "Jesus Christ!" and have the Bible Divisions on my neck for blasphemy.  If you don't like spontaneity, wrap the Book around your ears and leave us to arrest and prosecute your Child Molesting bigots, your adorable purveyors of ancient lies and pure invention.  And if the immigrant does not like Britons questioning their religious fervour and lack of legal propriety, don't fetch your own lack of secular reason into a 21st century situation.  Stay in your Third World and let the despots and mass murderers dictate your lives.

We British fought to prevent that happening for centuries now.  The 1998 Human Rights Act prevents we British from fulfilling an aim of true equality within our Nation by giving rights to religions and people who want nothing more than to destroy us.  If I am wrong, tell me how.

Here are several reports that should make any intelligent person question what is happening.

 One a group of immigrants deliberately went out to rape and molest British children!  They groomed vulnerable English children, plied them with illegal drugs and illegal alcohol, sexually assaulted them and handed them around like 14th Century vassels.  And this was not a Hate Crime?  What planet was that speaker on?
In another article they are concerned that Camerclown had removed a Black advisor from his inner circle of advisors!  I have news for that journalist!  Millions of British, Anglo-Saxon-Celt indigenous people whose only permitted contribution  has been the spilling of OUR blood, have never had access to the vantage point given to immigrants as Lieber proved when accepting a wholly unqualified immigrant lass into a very safe Lancashire Lieber seat.  Whilst the socialist erudite school teachers harp on about the ancient slave trade and what involvement Britain had in getting rich from it, they teach nothing of the dire circumstances that the majority of Brits, and I include the Irish as part of ancient British Islanders, existed and survived in.  I go no further than offer the death list of those killed in the Pretoria Pit disaster in Lancashire’s West Houghton mines.  Where in English schools is this period of English history truly taught?  Answer please to Mr Gove and the Charlie Cairoli’s in that Shabeen in the centre of the New Tribal Trust Lands of British minority London.

Now look at the pictures of the latest convicted child molesters.  Should we add them to the Stuart Hall of InFame and award them OBEs as we did with that Green Beret Sir Jim Sa-VILE?  Or should we execute them under Sharia Law?