Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Child abuse, race and establishment cover-up

Ann Crier, a political adversary in so many views, has had my fullest support and sympathy with her endeavours to reveal the extent of gross national grooming of children for sexual exploitation.  The evidence that Ms Crier was ostracised and castigated for even broaching the subject is indicative of the depths that those who oppose Free Speech are prepared to plunder.  The supporters and excusers of child exploitation have infiltrated the very conscience of a Once Great moral society with the Royal Marines leading the way.  The adoption and tacit defence of the paedophile Sir Jimmy Sa-Vile OBE needs explaining.  For forty years they have been ignoring many of the voices of concern from amongst the RANKS of BOOTNECKS whose distaste at this evil thing being lauded against their wishes.  It illustrates more than anything that “Socially Acceptable” means more to the establishment than those with courage to anger and challenge the establishment by talking out against criminality.  To the ranks and fallen of a great Armed Service I apologise for giving any impression that all Royals accepted the instructions from on high that discourse was treasonable.  The Nuremberg Defence is not acceptable and never should be acceptable.
The ignominy belongs to those who deny expression and reason, well rehearsed through centuries of effort, on behalf of the Common Man on the Clapham Bus.  That the establishment gave succour to the likes of Stuart Hall and the paedophile mentioned above and cannot criticise or discipline the servants of society as with highly paid officials without the miscreant getting comfort from lunatic legislation, as with Sharon Shoesmith, says so much as to the moral decline as a million words of condemnation.

Seven members of a paedophile ring were found guilty on Tuesday of raping and trafficking girls aged from 11 to 15.  The crimes spanned eight years and social services and the police have apologised for not acting sooner.
Ms Simons, who has been the council's chief executive since 2005, said she had asked herself some "very hard questions" about her position.  She said: "There is going to be an independent serious case review which will look at the actions of all the agencies concerned.
"My gut feeling is that I'm not going to resign because my determination is that we need to do all that we can to take action to stamp this out.  These are devious crimes that are very complicated."
Hercomments came after an Old Bailey jury heard six girls were drugged andsuffered sadistic abuse.  The court heardvictims were plied with alcohol and drugs before being forced to perform sexacts. Some had also been beaten, burnt and threatened.

On this mornings 5Live the apologist for religion and cultural integration are publicly condemning Ann Crier for repeating facts she has come across as an MP in the highest court in the land, Parliament.  That she has been largely unsuccessful and hordes of non-British paedophiles clasp their British passports in child brothels around the World, including Bradford and Oxford, does not mean that the crimes do not get committed, but it means that the vile truths cannot be placed before the Sharon Shoesmith’s of the World as it may offend their sensibilities.  Forget the children who are murdered, raped and evilly exploited by evil people.  No, defending the sensitivity of overpaid public officials is more important than protecting children.  It is time that the Racial Card was burnt along with all the Laws that put private sensitivity above moral obligation