Thursday, 9 May 2013

Blackpool needs fracked gas, not more drug addicts

 Blackpool leaders auditing the accounts

Fracking simply means pumping water under great pressure into shale beds several kilometres underground; tiny fissures open up which are then kept open by grains of sand so that the gas can flow out. Fracking itself lasts a few days — thereafter the field pumps gas much like any conventional field. Fracking is a tried and tested technology, used since 1947. More than 100,000 wells have been fracked in recent years. Before being ousted from the Department for Energy and Climate Change, John Hayes acknowledged that not a single person had been poisoned by fracking contaminating the water table. Nor has a single building been damaged by the almost imperceptible seismic tremors. Moreover, where UK shales are a mile thick, a single rig may be able to access shales that would require up to 20 drilling sites in the USA.

Ignoring facts, greens have preferred to pay heed to the propaganda film Gaslands, which shows tapwater bursting into flame. Yet its producer, Josh Fox, has been completely discredited. The documentary Fracknation filmed Fox admitting that he knew (but chose not to mention) that gas flowed from taps decades before fracking reached that area.
Sadly, Energy Secretary Ed Davey gave credence to these scare stories by ordering an unnecessary moratorium on drilling, when a fortnight’s visit to the US would have confirmed that they were nonsense. Environmentalists don’t want safer shale gas. They want no shale gas. Professor Kevin Anderson, former head of the Tyndall Centre and ayatollah of the green movement, frankly states that ‘from a climate-change perspective, this stuff simply has to stay in the ground’.
In this respect, the battle over shale gas is only the prelude to the impending energy crisis if we continue to pursue the government decarbonisation agenda. Greens in and out of government imagine that if shale gas can be kept in the ground or little is recoverable, decarbonising the British economy will be plain sailing. As imported gas becomes ever more expensive, the alternatives will grow cheaper by comparison.
Even if UK shales prove unproductive, it is inconceivable that fracking technology will only work in the US and be incapable of extracting huge quantities in other provinces — unless, as the pessimists clearly believe, God is an American. A worldwide shale revolution will dramatically change the supply and price balance in favour of gas.

In a week when some immigrant medic has prescribed to the population of Blackpool and West Lancashire that pensioners don't pay enough for their half pint of mild ale, when the nation is screaming out for clear and definitive debate - wrong - action on Immigration, the EU and corrupt politicians, one kiddie fiddling case continues unreported.  I wonder which former Hero that is?  Oh yes.  That case comes up in the Pervert Protection Coliseum on the 15th July.  I wonder if there will be a Guard of Honor led by false Majors in supports of their friend and partner? 

What is obvious is that the professional politician has high-jacked the agenda to such and extent that debate is now illegal.  Dare to expose malfeasance and the weight of the law is down on you.
Blackpool is desperate for competent governance at a price it can afford, but paying Executives a Kings Ransom for moderate performance is not a way our of penury.  There are lots of competent and hard working staff within the ranks of council employees, but they will never get promoted as they do not belong to that elite group - the Sharon Shoesmith's of local councils - whose position on the executive is enshrined in bad law when those who pay their wages have NO say or input into their employment at all.

The above extract is from the Spectator and should be discussed, and done so intelligently and immediately.  Let the Greens have their say but just ask them how they can support the uglifying of the countryside with a plague of overpriced, ineffectual eyesores that produce nothing more than debt for future generations?  Wind turbines do not work, plain and simple.