Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Football plays politics

Blatter the crook you know...

Amplify’d from www.telegraph.co.uk

Fifa president Sepp Blatter denies football is in crisis as he comes out fighting ahead of election

Sepp Blatter defied his critics, a barrage of corruption allegations and the
combined efforts of the world media to insist that the organisation he has
led into a deepening scandal was not in crisis, and that he is the man to
lead Fifa to reform.

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Drug girl in Blackpool school

What are drugs and what is tolerated?

Every school route is a nightmare for older folk as bad mannered and disrespectful small groups of school-kids blight the efforts and sociability of the more numerical decent kids.

It is the do-gooders who have made policing impossible. As youngsters we were always taught that the village made the child, but not any more. Chastise or reprimand a miscreant youth and YOU could end up with a criminal record.

School head in drug alert

“DRUGS will not be tolerated at our school.”

That was the message from Montgomery High School headteacher Simon Brennand after a pupil was found in possession of cannabis on school grounds.

The Gazette understands the 15-year-old girl was found with the drug at the school on All Hallows Road in Bispham last Monday.

Mr Brennand said: “We have dealt with a serious incident where a student carried a small amount of cannabis into school from home.

“This was immediately identified by senior staff and the necessary disciplinary and other action, including involvement with the police, was taken.

“I’m pleased to report no students were placed at risk and I’m unable to comment further in regard the individual student involved.”

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Rolled model

When Conservatives raised objections to this man being fostered on a constituency in the middle of England they were accused of every form of discrimination.

Those of us who smelt something rotten had to bite our tongues. Men like this shame the reputations of the likes of Senator Chief Chirau and Lee Kwan Yew.

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Peer jailed for expenses fraud

Lord Taylor of Warwick falsely filed for travel and overnight subsistence to claim more than £11,000
Lord Taylor of Warwick falsely filed for travel and overnight subsistence to claim more than £11,000

A disgraced former Tory peer was jailed for 12 months today for fiddling his
parliamentary expenses.

Lord Taylor of Warwick, 58, falsely filed for travel and overnight subsistence
to claim more than £11,000 from the taxpayer, Southwark Crown Court heard.

He told the House of Lords members' expenses office that his main residence
was a house in Oxford, when in fact he lived in west London.

The peer never stayed in and only twice visited the Oxford property, which was
owned by his half-nephew's partner, and so he was not entitled to claim
money for travelling from there to London and staying overnight in the

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Posh media caught not thinking


It is seldom that the laugh is on the serious press, but well done the bloggers.

Monday, 30 May 2011

42 Commando casualties named

MoD Names Marines Killed In Afghan Blast

Monday, May 30, 2011

The British servicemen killed in an explosion in Afghanistan on Friday have been named by the Ministry of Defence.

They were Mne Sam Alexander, 28, from Hammersmith in west London, and Lieutenant Ollie Augustin, from Kent, both of 42 Commando Royal Marines.

The pair were on patrol in the Loy Mandeh area of the Nad-e Ali District of Helmand Province when they were caught in a blast from an IED (improvised explosive device).

Mne Alexander was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry during a previous tour of Afghanistan.

Colleagues said he embodied the attributes of a Royal Marines Commando and was "courageous, selfless, resolute".

As well as his wife Claire, he leaves a one-year-old son Leo, mother Serena and father Stuart.

Lt Augustin, who was leading the patrol on Friday, leaves his father Sean, his mother Jane and his sister Sarah.

Mne Alexander received the Military Cross in 2009 after saving the life of a colleague who had been wounded by Taliban fighters.

The citation said he carried out his brave actions "despite being completely exposed to heavy and accurate enemy fire".

His wife Claire said "Sam was so special. He was the gentlest of men but tough when he needed to be.

"Sam was a loving husband and a wonderful father. He was our rock and my best friend. He has been taken from me all too soon."

Lt Augustin, who went to Dartford Grammar School in Kent, began his training in 2009 and was passed fit for duty in December last year.

His colleagues described him as a passionate and selfless leader.

His parents, Jane and Sean, said: "Ollie was a much loved and cherished son. He was a beautiful boy who we were very proud of."

His sister Sarah added: "Ollie, you were a one in a million. You were brave, you were funny and I couldn't have wished for a better brother."

Baby Peter and no one to blame

Baby Peter sacking: Sharon Shoesmith wins appeal

An ex-Haringey social services director has won an appeal against a High Court ruling that her sacking after Baby Peter's death in 2007 was lawful.

Sharon Shoesmith
Sharon Shoesmith was sacked three years ago

Court of Appeal judges allowed Sharon Shoesmith's challenge against a High Court ruling that cleared former children's secretary Ed Balls and the local authority of acting unlawfully.

Her appeal against watchdog Ofsted was dismissed.

Baby Peter Connelly was found dead in August 2007 with more than 50 injuries.

This is why politician have sewn the seeds of all our downfalls.
There is no doubt in the minds of public opinion that Sharon Shoesmith is not fit for the job she has/d at Haringey, but the Courts disagree.
Had MPs left some law alone these overpaid PUBLIC SERVANTS would have been ousted and four competent workers employed instead. Yes, you could get four reasonable social workers for the price of one self indulgent bureaucrat. This is the bad side of codified law, as in the USA where litigation override intelligence and common sense.
Perhaps then it would not be muted that Baby Peter wasa possible suicide victim. Let's get it straight. he died because of the inadequacies of the Haringey Social Services department of which Sharon Shoesmith was head. She wore the T-SHIRT AND TOOK THE MONEY. Need one say more?

42 Commando casualties

Afghanistan blast kills Royal Marines

Two Royal Marines have been killed in an explosion in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said.

The marines, from 42 Commando, were hit by an improvised explosive device in the Nad Ali district of Helmand province on Friday.

The MoD said they were on patrol in the Loy Mandeh area when they were killed and that next of kin had been informed.

The deaths take the number of British military deaths in operations in Afghanistan since 2001 to 368.

Spokesman for Task Force Helmand Maj Rolf Kurth said: "It is my sad duty to inform you of the death of two Royal Marines... our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends in their time of grief."

He said they were on patrol "disrupting insurgent activity" when they were hit.

The battalion-sized formation of 42 Commando is based at Bickleigh Barracks in Plymouth, Devon.

On Monday, a British soldier from 1st Battalion the Rifles was killed by a bomb while on a patrol in the Sayedabad Kalay area of the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province.

Two more heroes joining the long list of those who gave their all for us.


EDL march in Blackpool

2,000 EDL protesters gather on Blackpool Promenade

UP to 2,000 demonstrators gathered on Blackpool Promenade today to protest over the police handling of missing teenager Charlene Downes.

Members of controversial far right group the English Defence League (EDL) met in the resort in a demonstration which saw hundreds of officers drafted in from around the north west to ensure violence did not spill over.

Demonstrators from around the UK were bussed into the resort and kept behind 10 feet high fences which kept them within the confines of the Sun Inn and Yates’ pubs in South Shore, before marching along the Promenade to south headland where Charlene’s family joined EDL chiefs to give speeches which were met with wild cheers by those who gathered for the event.

Police made eight arrests mostly for being drunk and disorderly, two for public order offences and one for possession of an offensive weapon.

The organisers of the march said the group was protesting over the lack of justice for missing Charlene and a one-minute silence was held in her memory.

She was last seen in November 2003 when she waved goodbye to her mum in the town centre before going off to meet friends.

Since 2003 the political elite in Blackpool, that is both Lieber and Cuntservatives, have done nothing to the perceived increase in crime within this country and especially from within the TOWN.
The police seem incapable of investigating anything except motor speeding offences, then it relies wholly on camera evidence. When the local magistrates court was ultimately responsible for the premature death of Blackpool man Andy Miller - so he lived in distant central Lancashire - they allowed inept and wrongful actions by magistrate appointed bailiffs to go unreported and worse uninvestigated. A spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said that Andy' family did not report a crime and they do not investigate when there is no report. This is at odds with the thousands of motorists who get targeted each day for speeding offences.
If it takes the EDL to highlight the lack of investigation into the disappearance of another Blackpool child, then good on them. It is far more than Lieber and the Blue Rinse brigade have done along with their allies in the Anti-Fascist League.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Council spending again questioned

Today's Daily Telegraph leads with another look into council spending, and the reading isn't good.

Does Blackpool and the surrounding districts have a good record and accountability on this subject? Did the Telegraph contact these councils and if they did, what were their responses?

According to the Telegraph, Blackpool has not replied. We all know of at least one Councillor, now former councillor, who thought BR First Class was his private domain and another who used mileage claims as a second wage packet. No wonder they do not want to answer possible embarrassing questions. Afterall, it is not their money they are spending, IT IS YOURS.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Paras jump down in paypackets

Former soldiers are again being used as a political football. Irrespective of not getting sufficient training time or access to training later because of the restrictions on aircraft and 'jumping', because soldiers will not speak for themselves the MoD cuts where it will do most harm.

You cannot have an army without men. Men (and women) have families and they all deserve a decent pay. Before anyone jumps and screams about volunteers let us not forget one thing. Soldiers, once enlisted, have no options and the most obvious is on doing their duty. A soldier is not allowed under QR&R's to show or act afraid. Had it been services emergency crews who answered the call to the 7/7 atrocity, they would have been Courts Martial for cowardice had they stood around awaiting for clearance to enter the tubes.

Leave the Paras pay alone.

Paratroopers hit by pay cut on return from Afghanistan

Army chiefs have decided to end a supplement paid to each member of the

regiment for parachuting. It is worth more than £2,000 a year.

The MoD is struggling with an estimated £1 billion shortfall in its budget for
the current financial year. Cutting the so-called Para Pay bonus will save
more than £4 million a year. But it will be a significant blow to up to
4,000 soldiers just back from a gruelling tour of Helmand, many of whom take
home little more than £1,000 a month.

Military chiefs have repeatedly been accused of damaging morale unnecessarily as they try to cut costs. In February, they used email to inform front-line soldiers they were being sacked. Weeks later, they warned thousands of personnel serving in Afghanistan that they might be made redundant later this year.

The wage cut for the Paras has already been signed off by the head of the Army’s resources and plans unit and goes before ministers in the coming weeks. It comes on top of a two-year pay freeze.
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Respect for Veterans

Seldom does a subject hit the raw nerve harder than when others make pretentious claims on behalf of me and my former comrades.

In Blackpool there is a small but completely hidden core of ex soldiers who live in poverty and misery, have mental and health problems and never a single charity goes to their aid. One reason is that until these people ask for help, none is offered. That is ludicrous and should be tattooed across the foreheads of the overpaid heads of Ssafa and the RBL.

And every time the likes of Julian Manure take £200 per week out of charitable contribution, those who work for charity receive that much less to distribute to the needy, NOT THE GREEDY.

As for gaining respect let me remind this crew that respect is earned and those of us who have earned it do not need badges or cards to prove it. I include former miners, those who have worked all their lives only for politicians to openly rob them through inadequate pensions, spinsters and war widows who fetched up children without state handouts.

What, no cards for my mum?

Money saving card for brave

BLACKPOOL is set to be the first town in the UK to launch a loyalty card for those who serve their country.

The scheme will see serving military personnel and veterans offered discounts on goods and services from participating businesses.

It is hoped it will help consolidate the resort’s reputation as a welcome haven for people who have served in the forces.

The scheme has been set up by Supporting Our Brave, the community interest group based in Bank Hey Street which offers welfare support for former soldiers.

Project manager Julian Mineur said: “It is a well known fact Blackpool hosts more ex-service association reunions than any other place in the UK, as well as hosting the country’s biggest Armed Forces Week celebrations.

“This epitomises the great partnership between the veteran community and Blackpool Council. We estimate that some 40,000 veterans will visit the resort in 2011.

“We see many hundreds of veterans and their partners at our exhibition in Bank Hey Street and they spend thousands of pounds in the town boosting the local economy.

“The loyalty card is Blackpool’s opportunity to say thank you for your service to the crown. This is a totally free project as there is no charge to businesses wishing to offer a concession or discount. We also produce a directory of offers and supply window stickers to participating businesses.”

The loyalty card will be distributed free of charge to serving members of the armed forces and veterans on proof of service.

It entitles the card holder and their families to discounts at shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels but alcohol is not included in the discounts.

“The loyalty card is a wonderful way of ensuring Blackpool leads the nation in honouring HM Armed Forces, past and present.”

Read more at www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk

Injunctions and super-injunctions.

The airwaves are buzzing with parties taking sides and with Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming being both vilified and praised for his action. Dame Helena Kennedy QC hinted that Ryan Giggs was not having an affair and Imogen Thomas, the alleged piece on the side, appears to be staying stum. So who and why did someone leak that the Welsh lass was bonking a rich married man? A world famous footballer no less! She was wearing out the bedsprings – allegedly - with someone so-called famous but a quick flick through international news media reveals that this is a non-story.

If one has to apportion blame then surely it should fall on the shoulders of Ryan Giggs’s legal advisor who used his client’s considerable wealth to use a serious law for frivolous means. Secondly, the Judge ought to have said that it is not a matter of national importance and is a domestic and as such should be covered by Rules within the Press Complaints procedures, hence not having to give substance to the rumour that St Ryan was having his energies sapped on another training ground. If he has been having a sexual relationship with this want- to-be star then it is not for the courts to waste their time with whilst there are gross miscarriages of justice in urgent need of review.

Money does work and makes a mockery of the English legal system. The Sunday Herald headlines showed how the wonderful minds of Lincoln’s Inn are more concerned with taking profit than legitimately representing the concerns of their client. Had they done half a decent job they would have closed the loop-hole by going to Edinburgh and obtaining an equivalent Order there. But they were slack. If the Press Complains authorities are to be believed they could have guaranteed his anonymity at a fraction of the cost and in the time period proscribed.

One complaint I will address at John Hemming. Why were you so silent whilst your friends and colleagues were and are abusing the expenses system in your workplace?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday good Huhneting

I don't know if this picture is genuine as I won't add to Murdoch's already considerable wealth.

But if it is, how long will it take to make out an arrest warrant for Perverting the Course of democracy?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Spains approaching clouds

The situation throughout Europe could get really bad if the currency implodes and Germany is forced to go it alone. The worst scenario would be for a new, independent yet strong Deutsche Mark which could cripple Germany's expanding export market, thus pricing them out of their markets causing a cessation in their sales.

It is something the Socialist Utopians still have not grasped. To create wealth you have to have something that others need. Spain recently had sunshine and cheap cerveza and sangria. Now those have gone and Romania and Bulgaria are offering cheaper packages. No tourists fewer and fewer jobs.

The wheel turns and countries are forgetting the things that gave them a modicum of wealth and stability. Poverty brings only one thing, devastation.

Amplify’d from www.bbc.co.uk

Spain protesters defy ban to remain in Madrid square

Police and protesters in Madrid, Spain (21 May 2011)

The protesters are angry with the government's economic policies and have occupied the square for the past week.

Spain's electoral commission had ordered them to leave ahead of local elections on Sunday.

But as the ban came into effect at midnight, the crowds started cheering and police did not move in.

The protest began six days ago in Madrid's Puerta del Sol as a spontaneous sit-in by young Spaniards frustrated at 45% youth unemployment.

Spain's 21.3% unemployment rate is the highest in the EU - a record 4.9 million are jobless, many of them young people.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has expressed some sympathy for the protesters, noting their "peaceful manner".

"My obligation is to listen, be sensitive, try to give an answer from the government so that we can recover the economy and employment as soon as possible," he told radio Cadena Ser.

However, his Socialist government is expected to fare badly in Sunday's local and regional elections.

Read more at www.bbc.co.uk

Does redacted work...

The super-injunction as seen by others.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Accused - a criminal act

Do not despair, reader. This is not the idiotically criminal English born bitch in California who is giving her eight year old daughter botox injections, but the lethal acting of the other criminal Jeffrey Archer's play Accused.

Slow from the throne as George III, local Thespian Ian Rowe will bamboozle the expected mass audiences as part of a riveting cast of unemployed ship builders. This mystery is made all the more interesting by the prompt boards in the front of the auditorium, written in Braille!

The enticement gets greater as the cast has promised not to take their anti-Alzheimer's drugs for the duration of the production.
The audience are asked not to block the entrances so that the cast can park their mobility trolleys after they have been shoplifting in Town.
The syringe is just in case The Idiot makes his way from the Dunes to do a hatchet job on the humour.

So, if the heat wave gets too much for you, get your sweaty body down to the theatre before the Council pull it down and watch real live people play dead.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Royal Marine Nigel Mead. RIP

From some former members of 42 Commando living in and around this part of West Lancashire, we send our sincerest condolences to Dean's family.

Dennis Shambley L Coy 1962/63 K Coy 65/66 M Coy 66/68

Malcolm Morrison L Coy 1965/66

Stephen Flanigan K Coy 1965/67

Amplify’d from www.modoracle.com

Obituaries To Marine Nigel Mead

It is with regret that the Ministry of Defence can confirm that Marine Nigel Dean Mead from Lima Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines, Combined Force NDA (N) was killed in Afghanistan on Sunday 15 May 2011.

During the morning of 15 May 2011, Lima Company were conducting a cordon and search operation, partnered with the Afghan National Security Forces, of compounds suspected of being associated with Improvised Explosive Device facilitation in the Loy Mandeh Wadi in the Nad-e Ali District of Helmand Province.

Lima Company landed in a helicopter and began to move towards the compounds of interest. Shortly afterwards, Marine Mead was fatally injured in an Improvised Explosive Device blast.

Marine Nigel Dean Mead was born on 9th October 1991. He lived with his mother, Amanda, and sister in Carmarthen. He studied at Queen Elizabeth High School in Carmarthen until he joined the Royal Marines.

Dean's Mother Amanda said: "I could never write enough words that would truly say how much I loved and thought of you, you're not a one in a million son you are one in a hundred million.

"You had the most wonderful and warming personality, one that I have never seen in anyone else, nor will ever see again. You gave me strength when I most need it and you were the rock that supported me through my life."

"You will remain in my thoughts for every second of every day my most wonderful son, rest in piece my darling little soldier xxxxxx Your loving and forever Mami."

Read more at www.modoracle.com

Blackpool Chief Exec retires; good.

£144,000 plus £24,000 into his pension pot. for presiding over ruined businesses, choked town centre, streets with character destroyed.

You might say U Luv Blackpool. I must say WE DO NOT LOVE YOU.

Council chief stepping down

editorial image

Blackpool Council chief executive Steve Weaver

BLACKPOOL Council’s chief executive Steve Weaver is to step down from his £144,000-a-year role at the town hall.

The 61-year-old, who has been at the helm since his appointment by the then Labour ruling group in 2002, will leave the resort at the end of the year.

Mr Weaver said: “I have been in Blackpool for nearly 10 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and am proud of the improvements I have helped to deliver.

“I wish the council leader Coun Simon Blackburn, and his new team the very best and know that they have Blackpool’s interests close at heart.

“I will always hold a very special affection for Blackpool and believe the town and its people have a great future.”

Read more at www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk

For those not old enough to remember this ensemble, they are David Handz Palmer - lethal poisoner, John BirBirbickers Bickerstaffe- howmany?, Kate Lies Burns - high screeching, the High Energy Gremlin on skins, Tangerine_Terrorist solo fiddle, and Philtheone lead vocals. The chorus in the bachground-classical - has a list of thousands. Well, a couple.

38 Degree petition to Gordon Marsden

What a complete waste of time and I concur wholehearted with Notyetavet, below.

Voicing fears over future of the NHS

editorial image

Gordon Marsden receives the petition from Bob Bradley, of 38 Degrees and Peter Mahtani and Gwynneth Mugonyi of the Motor Neurone Disease Association

Members of campaign group 38 Degrees handed over a petition of 260,000 UK signatures to Gordon Marsden MP for Blackpool South at his constituency office in response to the growing concerns surrounding changes to the National Health Service.


As a member of 38 Degree I have strong doubts about this protest and even stronger doubts on the efficacy of Gordon Marsden - it was his government that put us all into HOCK, pawned the NHS with the stupid purchasing scheme and NeverNever payments. It was also that Government that set in motion many of the discussions being held around the country on the effectiveness of the NHS. It was his government that could not train OUR illiterate to clean toilets so demanded that we allowed IN millions of immigrants to do just that.
Surprised Marsden knows how to read or write as he never replies to any of my letters or emails.

Read more at www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk

BNP supporting Sport

Nick Knocking up, ready for another round of meaningless European talks.
You get a great tan in Brussels with all the fiddling and legal expenses. We should do a rota system and let all the Britz go over there for a few months at a time, preferably when the Parliament is closed;)

Look, all you doubters! Just look at who is backing OUR youth. Out of Nicks expenses no doubt!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Highfield Ward

The picture of the new Henderson Shabeen in South Shore? Sorry, the Parks... with A. Councillor smiling on and doing his usual nothing - but learning how to fiddle expenses.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Blackpool Belle

I can't keep pulling the town of my great grandfather's birth to pieces. After the Conservatives did their worst to destroy the once wondrous promenade of pleasure, Lieber will no doubt finish off the demolition they started pre 2007.
But fun in Blackpool WAS cheap and friendly. :-O

Boy wonder arrives in Highfield Ward

Highfield Ward has elected a local lad to misrepresent the electorate (pictured above so people will know him when he doesn't respond to calls). From his home across the Borough, he will be able to see the gangs or marauding drunken youths swigging their strong Larger and appreciating the delicate bouquet of vintage Buckfast (I don't think). And, like his predecessor, he has made strenuous effort to ensure the beleaguered owners and occupants of property intimidated by football louts will receive his full support.

And the scaffolding will collapse on good intentions!

Name:Chris Maughan
Home address:18 Heathway Avenue
Home Phone: 07800 963888
Outside Bodies:Police Authority

Did Huhne lie in court?

One Laws for Parliament and another for the others. If there is the slightest scintilla of evidence that this story is true, will Parliament immediately ask the police to enforce the law and charge the miscreant with Perverting the course of Justice? No!

Will the Lib/Dems hold up their hands and say that now in two instances their judgment is impaired? No!

Political Parties accept responsibility for the misdeeds of THEIR representatives? Answer that yourself.

Amplify’d from www.dailymail.co.uk

Huhne's damning phonecall: Cabinet Minister's attempt to silence claims he 'tried to dodge speeding points'

  • Climate Change Secretary accused of cover-up
  • Lying to police could lead to a jail term for 56-year-old
  • 'He does drive a bit like a maniac,' admits ex-wife
  • Tip-off came from source close to bisexual lover

Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne's Cabinet future was in doubt last night after sensational details were revealed of a phone call he made to the person he allegedly persuaded to take his speeding points so he could avoid a driving ban.

The phone call, which is corroborated by taped evidence, flies in the face of the Liberal Democrat MP's repeated public denials of the allegations.

It suggests that in private the Energy Secretary is involved in a desperate attempt to cover up the truth to save his political career.

He says: 'There is no evidence for this story unless you give it some legs by saying something.
'The last thing you want is a half-baked story saying you've taken points for me.'

When the person said they were not prepared to lie, Mr Huhne offered to meet them to reassure them.

The individual protested to Mr Huhne about the way he allegedly pressured them into taking the rap for him, saying: 'It's one of the things that worried me when you made me take the points.'

Read more at www.dailymail.co.uk