Thursday, 11 December 2008

We are leaving with our tails between our legs

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It is like a rather underperforming colleague finally throwing in the towel - it has been much anticipated but when the end comes it is a surprise nonetheless, while the office heaves a collective sigh of relief. The UK is to evacuate its forces from southern Iraq, handing over to the US. I fear they will not be much missed by the Iraqis or the US. Where did it all go wrong?

Tim Collins: We're Going

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I concur with what Col Tim Collins writes. No wonder the MoD wanted this man out of the Army. There are echoes in Southern Iraq of Ulster and anyone who can say that there is peace in N. Ireland must be reading the Labour Book of Appeasement.
When I walk around the North of England I hear more and more Ulster accents. There is resignation on their faces but anger in their hearts when you spend a few minutes talking to them.
Now my concern is for the general population of Basra. The British Army has been like the mythical British Bobby on the streets of Britain, no existent. When Labour tells you there has never been as many policemen as now, it is a lie.