Friday, 26 December 2008

Clamping down on bloggers

Clampdown on libellous blogs – but bloggers likely to get lobby passes

John Prescott is among senior politicians who would happily strangle those bloggers who spread unsubstantiated gossip about him after his affair with Tracey Temple, his diary secretary, came to light in 2006. Now the justice minister Bridget Prentice has told MPs: "We will publish as soon as possible in the new year a consultation paper on defamation and the internet."

blog it
Lieber has goose-stepped through the past 12 years with their supporters eagerly cheering for noosed monkeys and sexual deviants. Take it from a sufferer of haemorrhoids, pushing things up your back passage hurts and cannot be natural. Isn't it designed for discharge and not entry?
I believe in equity, the rights of man and freedom of choice. I do not believe that every semi-literate woman should be allowed children at my expense, housing whilst veterans sleep on the streets, enough charity to support a lifestyle which hard working families cannot afford.
As I go round my relatives in the North West I cannot help but see the change in the rural landscape, and want to know why I cannot ask why? Churches are empty but Americas Santa Claus is everywhere? What ever happen to CHRIST-mas? Where are the wonderful Harvest Festivals and community gatherings. Club days in Lancashire have been hi-jacked by feral youth and you risk more sanctions for looking at this dross than they do for wrecking centuries of galas.
Labour has got about everything wrong. But why do people vote for them?