Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Error in Pension payments

clipped from www.mod.uk

Guaranteed Minimum

Pension (GMP) -

Error In Calculation

The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) is sorry to have to inform Veteran Customers that an error has been identified in respect of a small proportion of Armed Forces Pension Scheme 75 (AFPS 75) pension payments. This error is in respect of the application of the Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) element of the pensions of some 6,000 members of AFPS 75.

Finally, SPVA would like to apologise again for this error. We are doing everything we can to correct this pension error, and provide you with the actual figures involved as quickly as possible. There is a helpline available and the number is 0845 121 2514. Unfortunately SPVA will be unable to supply you with any GMP figures at the moment but will write to you in late March or April 2009 when we anticipate being in a position to inform you of any change to your pension.

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It is a farce. Ever since a previous Government was allowed to get away with Scrooging veterans out of their entitlements under the 1973 Social Services and Pensions Act, pensions have been a laughing stock.
When most former regulars lick the ass of former generals, they should remember it was these highly pensioned frauds who did nothing to secure the pensions of the man in the line. Now they have well paid employment with charities and other institutions whilst the soldier does his bit for nothing more than to know he is doing something for a comrade - without remuneration. When RBL spouts about the Charity it does, it does not tell you that the Area Officer is on over £30K per annum. Not bad on top of a pension?