Friday, 19 December 2008

Incompetent police force

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incompetent police force

Robert Napper's guilty plea to manslaughter yesterday at the Old Bailey should have been an occasion for grim satisfaction. A triple killer and serial rapist has been convicted, and he will be detailed indefinitely at Broadmoor hospital. But the primary emotion this outcome inspires is not satisfaction but revulsion at the incompetence and carelessness of police.

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One has to ask the question, how many blotched investigations?
Too much political correctness? The airwaves are jammed with incredulous serving and former officers whenever the police are mentioned. How can an organisation get on with fulfilling its mandate when it allows internal divisions such as the Blacks ONLY police federation to fester in it heart? The instance sexual or racial discrimination is raised the brave policeman disappears and the PC moron comes to the fore.
The first priority is prevention but ass long as the nation swallows the lie that there have never been as many police on the beat, then there will never be any prevention - when was the last time you saw a copper on your beat. As a child I saw our bobby almost every day as a police station was within two hundred yards of our house. After Labours politicisation of the Modern Police Force I fear the vandals and rouges have won - so stop voting them in.