Monday, 11 April 2016

Rhodesia V. Zimbabwe

A reality check!

This was during our Bush War


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Year Book of 1975 ranked the then Rhodesia second in the world in terms of yields of maize, wheat, soya beans and ground nuts, and third for cotton.
In the combined ranking for all these crops, Rhodesia ranked first in the world.
“Rhodesia’s Virginia tobacco was rated the best in the world in yield and quality, while maize entries in world championships were consistently placed in the first three slots. The world’s largest single citrus producer was developed early in the country’s history.
“Rhodesia was the world’s second largest exporter of flue-cured tobacco. This together with exports of maize, soya beans, cotton, sugar, coffee, tea, fruit, vegetables, flowers and beef made agriculture the major source of foreign currency. Agriculture contributed more to the gross domestic product than any other industry. It was the largest employer of labour, providing employment for about a third of the total labour force.”
Zimbabwe has now been declared the third poorest country in the world. The average life span of its citizens has been reduced by a third since 1975.