Friday, 1 April 2016

Hawthorn Leisure takes over The Auctioneer, Blackpool

Hawthorn Leisure has, according to staff, purchased The Auctioneer on Lytham Road, Blackpool.

We, the customers, are being told that all the staff are being retained and nothing will change.  That is a stupid and wholly misleading statement.

One glance at Hawthorn's webpage and anyone can see that it is just another Pub Company with tenant landlords and variable levels of food and drink dispensary.  Gone will be Wetherspoons Corporate image, the high level of cleanliness and the close customer and staff interreaction.

Both Hawthorn Leisure and Wetherspoon are saying that Tupes will protect both the customer and the loyal staff.  A more detailed scrutiny of the Tupes pages - I have linked - will clearly show this as an aspiration and not a legal certainty.

For one, accorsding to Hawthorns own website, the Landlords are tenants and as such every tenant has his/her own characters and instincts.  The average pub landlord/tenant earns less than an alcoholic on the streets of Lytham Road. Hawthorn provide a service that could provide a new landlord/tenant with a reduced rate on purchases of food and other provisions.  This is not the JD Wetherspoon central catering and supply system that has benefitted customers right across the country.

Already the regulars are muttering disquiet and the efforts to force them into the Velvet Coaster has met with defiance and hostility.

More than anything it has shown the value of customer relations and corporate ethos.  I'll leave that for you to ponder.

Now get us out of the EU.