Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bailiffs strong arm supported by Police.

I know Stuart. He is a very decent man. I met him last in London when we, as part of a group trying to get justice for victims of bailiff abuses, were in discussion with Scotland Yard over their illegal assistance to bailiff companies via their abuses under The Data Protection Laws. In a six month period the Met Police had illegally acted in over 5000 situations that rendered their collective enforcement a cross dereliction.
Before you judge Stuart, remember the vile and illegal action of a Lancashire bailiff that led to the Corporate Homicide of Accrington pensioner Robert Michael (Andy) Miller. Still the Coroner calls it Natural Causes! It has taken the families of the Hillsborough dead 25 years to get a proper hearing before a legitimate Court of Law.
Stuart has been convicted by BUREAUCRACY. That is wrong under any regime.

Mr Robertson paid the fine, but said it was ‘ridiculous’ that the officers had been sent to his home over such a petty offence

 Stuart is a 69 year old retired Gas Engineer. Should police and bailiff action, questionable in the least, be a reason that another miscarriage of justice should happen?  I do not know of a single Local Authority, or Police Authority, that knows what their legal positions are.  This was proven when we addressed a set of  TV programmes that highly illumnated Police complicity in an illegal process under the Data Protection Laws.  Faced with their own calumny, would they too not respond in a hypo state of confusion - and that's not to say downright aggression?

So I have to ask!  Can there be any association between Stuarts efforts in trying to get justice because of authorities wrongdoing within the Bailiff System, and his persecution under a sytem that is widely abused?