Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Queenstown, Blackpool

Great Uncle Thomas Ford 

When Blackpool's Lieber Party shout about their record, perhaps they should get it straight.  They have, for many years now, used this picture of Queenstown during Victory in Europe day.  The LOCALS are having a typical street party.  Lieber has consistantly suggested it is to herald their Socialism.  They do not recognise that all the young men were still away AT WAR, fighting for the Land Fit for Heroes which they have constantly not provided.  Instead they spawned politicians in the mold of the traitor Blair whose selective conscience must be as hard as diamond, as callous as Caligula.

This is Gavan Street, Layton and the photograph is taken from St Joseph Road.  My grandfather was born as No 3 St Joseph Road.  It was a private farmhouse.

In the background is Wildman Street.  Great uncle Thomas was born at No 37 as was my grandmother and several others of her siblings.  Later on, not long before  he was killed at the Somme, Thomas moved to No 5 Gavan Street; that is the third door down on the right hand side. My grandparents and family lived opposite as No 4.  Next door at No 6 lived his brother Edward and his family.

The estate was private owned by the Bennet family.  It never was a Council Estate.  There was no social services in those days, no council assisted rents, very little unemployment money and very little of anything else.

When the immigrant supporters dare to say we are a nation of immigrants I say this.  Just because you can't tell the difference between IMMIGRANT and MIGRANT, don't push your ignorance off on others.  Two of my grandparent are of Irish descent.  In those days the British Isles included the whole of Ireland.  Our people followed the work and many of the great structure of history were built by British Migrant Labour; Scots, Welsh, Irish, Tykes, Janners, Geordies, Jews, Catholics and the dreaded Prods.  They worked together and wished us no harm.  That cannot be said for the maniacs that Labour's Mandelson and Co. have allowed to flood into the country.  In a few short years these people could turn green and peaceful Britain into another Syria.  The cards are on the table.